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Headline News

March 3 - 9, 2024

   Posted: March 10, 2024

Upcoming ARPG Crystals of Naramunz to be Unveiled at GDC 2024
"Experience seamless in-game crafting to Web3 in an immersive steampunk world. Crystals of Naramunz is an upcoming hack ’n’ slash, loot-driven ARPG being developed by a team of veterans, sustainably integrating real in-game item ownership to provide everlasting gaming experiences and value to players. "

Disney Cruise Line Unveils Disney Attraction-inspired Merchandise
"Those who sail on the Disney Treasure will discover this unique décor piece that will be reminiscent of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea theming of Periscope Pub."

Steampunk Festival dates as organisers reveal more details
"A giant mechanical spider, teapot racing and a Peacock Parade will be coming to Pembrokeshire this month as part one of the very few Steampunk festivals in Wales."

This Steampunk Tabletop RPG Would Make a Great Series
"Adapting a tabletop game to the screen can be challenging. John Harper's Blades in the Dark is a stellar example of focused design. Its goals are clear, and it achieves each with aplomb. Blades is set in Doskvol, a grim industrial city inspired by Gothic fiction and Victorian England."

Nightingale roadmap announced as CEO admits unhappiness with launch
"Nightingale's CEO has expressed unhappiness with the current state of the game, and has promised sweeping changes and improvements are on the way as part of the game's short to medium term roadmap. Nightingale is a survival game set in a "Gaslamp Fantasy" world. The unique spin here is that players use mystical portals to jump between fantastical worlds, using their skills and resources to survive."

Jay Stepehenson Releases New Opera ‘Beethoven’s Wrong Note’
"Baritone Jay Stephenson’s original steampunk opera, “Beethoven’s Wrong Note” is set to make its world premiere. The story is set in a “proto-Steampunk” era and follows the imagined tale of a final ill-fated piano dress rehearsal."

Owen Sound Library Appoints New Poet Laureate
"The Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library is appointing a new Poet Laureate. Rebecca Diem writes speculative fiction and poetry and is the author of the indie steampunk series Tales of the Captain Duke."

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