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Headline News

February 25 - March 2, 2024

   Posted: March 3, 2024

Learn and play Edwardian, steampunk apocalypse TTRPG, Our Brilliant Ruin
"A supernatural force known only as the ruin sweeps across the land of Dramark in this Edwardian, steampunk apocalypse TTRPG, Our Brilliant Ruin. Combining upstairs downstairs drama from shows like Bridgerton with a crumbling, hedonistic world on the brink of destruction, Our Brilliant Ruin is a TTRPG like no other!"

Genndy Tartakovsky Goes Steampunk in New Adult Swim ‘Unicorn Warriors: Eternal’ Series
"With “Unicorn Warriors,” though, Tartakovsky combines his personal steampunk aesthetic with action and humor. In the first season, the three find themselves in industrial London, joined by a steam-powered robot, Copernicus."

Taunton Thespians seamstress wins Best Costume Award at Somerset ceremony
"Rose Humphreys of the Taunton Thespians has won the Best Costume Award at the Somerset Fellowship of Drama Phoebe Rees Awards 2023. Over thirty individual steampunk-style costumes were designed and made by Rose herself. "So here is my mixture of SteamPunk, late medieval for Shakespeare’s setting and just a little nod of the head to Vivienne Westwood.""

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice Interview: NetEase Games on the complex process of bringing the PC survival simulator to mobile
"First released on Steam in 2018, Frostpunk, the post-apocalyptic, town management simulator, proved to be a huge hit for its developer 11-bit studios, with PC and Console gamers delighting in the game’s challenge of leading a colony of survivors in the midst of a second ice age. It comes as no surprise then that when Com2uS announced that it will publish a mobile adaptation titled Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice, the immediate question for fans was: “when will it be released?”."

Poor Unfortunate Punks (Steampunk filk)
"In March of 2024, at the 12th edition of the Wild Wild West Steampunk Con, Professor Taelstrum debuted his filked version of Poor Unfortunate Punks. When in the presence of a Steampunked version of Ursula, how could he resist?"

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