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Headline News

February 4 - 10, 2024

   Posted: February 11, 2024

STEAM TRIGGER a new 2.5D Steampunk-Metroidvania game will be released in 2024
"STEAM TRIGGER is a riveting steampunk 2.5D metroidvania set against the backdrop of the sprawling metropolis. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing fusion of industrial progress and Victorian aesthetics as you embark on a journey throughout the city."

University of Cincinnati - Black FUTURE Month
"On Feb. 24, Airship Ashanti will bring their steampunk anime cosplay to campus. Feel free to come dressed as your favorite characters from an anime, video game, or the like. You can join them in Tangeman University Center from 2-4 p.m."

Who is Mike Pondsmith?
"Mike Pondsmith is a well-known figure in the tabletop role-playing game (RPG) industry ... Another notable creation is Castle Falkenstein, an alternative history RPG that combines elements of steampunk, fantasy, and historical fiction."

All aboard, engineers! SteamPunk Event has officially launched in TrainStation2
"Dive into thrilling jobs, guided by the stylish contractors Tinker Hugh, Detective Watson and Gwen. Explore the adventure land, unveil very special trains, and craft unique SteamPunk wonders in factories."

Steam : Steampunk Jigsaw Puzzles
"Dive into a world of Victorian elegance and mechanical marvels. Discover steam-powered wonders while testing the limits of your puzzle-solving skills."

Steampunk & Oddities Expo Announced For Otsego County, New York
"In its second year, the expo promises "a day of Victorian debauchery in Worcester, NY in a real period building. Vendors, artists, authors, readings, demonstrations, curated playlists, food trucks and more." "

Sewing With Alice - Steampunk Wonka - Black Snail Fan Skirt Pattern Tutorial
"I'm taking part in the Steamstress Squadrons Pattern Challenge 2024 - which includes the Black Snail #0414 Edwardian Skirt (Fan-Skirt) and the #0220 Edwardian Ladies Vests 1890. I'll be making a Steampunk Wonka inspired costume for the challenge."

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