Steampunk Writers and Artists Guild
by Lia Keyes


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Dressing Steampunk
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Fierce Costumes
Gentleman's Emporium
Improbablecog - Noah Beasley
Joshua D. Sanchez, The Silver Smith
Keep Shooting - Military surplus and clothing
Kristi Smart Clothing
Last Wear - Even adventurers must be fashionable.
Ms. Purdy's Hats
My Own Tuxedo
Mystic Pieces
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Treasure Cast
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B. Fuller's Mortar and Pestle
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Steampunk Cookery


@AirshipEmbassy - Airship Ambassador
@2muchexposition - Liz Gorinsky
@abney_park - Abney Park
@AirSteamPunk - Air SteamPunk
@allisoncurval - Allison Curval
@amtuomala - A.M. Tuomala
@AnachroCon - AnachroCon
@Arthurslade - Arthur Slade
@baccioly - Bruno Accioly
@blamed4nothing - The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing
@CaptianRobert - Captain Robert of Abney Park
@chrononauts - Colorado Chrononauts League
@clockwrkcabaret - Clockwork Cabaret
@clockwork_ctr - Clockwork Couture
@ClockwrkQuartet - Clockwrk Quartet
@cmpriest - Cherie Priest
@consteampunk - Conselho SteamPunk (Brazil)
@CountessaLenora - Lee Ann Farruga
@CupcakeGoth - Jillian Venters
@Datamancer - Richard Nagy, Datamancer
@docfantastique - Doctor Fantastique
@doctorow - Cory Doctorow
@ecsteampunkexpo - Emerald City Steampunk Expo
@ELJoeBenitez - Joe Benitez
@ep_birdsall - Elizabeth P Birdsall
@frenchsteampunk - French Steampunk
@gailcarriger - Gail Carriger
@gdfalksen - G.D. Falksen
@greatdismal - William Gibson
@helenedefer - Helene de Fer
@imsteampunk - IAM Steampunk
@inaristeam - Inari Steam
@jay_lake - Jay Lake
@jeffvandermeer - Jeff VanderMeer
@jessnevins - Jess Nevins
@jhameia - Jaymee Goh
@johnnyeponymous - Chris Garcia
@jonathangreen - Jonathan Green
@KrisKuksi - Kris Kuksi
@LASteamEvents - Los Angeles Steampunk Events
@LeagueofSteam - League of Steam
@liakeyes - Lia Keyes
@locusmag - Locus Magazine
@mattdelman - Matt Delman
@meatsmeier - Meats Meier
@mysticpieces - Mystic Pieces
@nathanfhtagn - Nathaniel Johnstone
@nealstephenson - Neal Stephenson
@NisiShawl - Nisi Shawl
@OKSteampunkExpo - Oklahoma Steampunk Expo
@paolobacigalupi - Paolo Bacigalupi
@pennydreads - Penny Dreadful Productions
@prsteampunk - SteamPunk Loja PR
@ssicarus - S. S. Icarus
@s_hunt_author - Stephen Hunt
@ScottWesterfeld - Scott Westerfeld
@SirThomasRiley - Nick Valentino
@spcpress - Steampunk Chronicle
@steamcon - Steamcon
@steampunk22 - Kyle Miller
@steampunk_cz - Czech Steampunk Feed
@Steampunk_Tales - Steampunk Tales
@steampunkart - Steampunk Art
@SteampunkBooks - Steampunk Books
@SteamPunkC - SteamPunk Creator
@steampunkChile - Steampunk Chile
@steampunkcom - Steampunk.com
@SteampunkIS - Steampunk Illumination Society
@SteampunkLinks - Steampunk Links
@steampunkmag - Steampunk Magazine
@steampunkmg - Steampunk MG
@steampunkmidwst - Steampunk Midwest
@SteampunkNews - Steampunk News
@SteampunkRings - Steampunk Rings
@steampunkrj - SteamPunk Loja RJ (Rio de Janeiro)
@steampunkSC - Steampunk SC
@steampunkSP - Steampunk Sao Paulo Brazil
@SteampunkVideo - Steampunk Video
@steamrevolution - Steampunk Revolution
@SteamScholar - Steampunk Scholar
@steamworldsfair - Steampunk Worlds Fair
@StmpnkNiagara - Steampunk Niagra
@TempleCon - TempleCon
@tiffanytrent - Tiffany Trent
@tordotcom - TOR.com
@torbooks - TOR Books
@torsteampunk - TOR Steampunk
@VeroniqueCheVAL - Veronique Chevalier
@victorianwest - Michelle Black
@vonslatt - Jake Von Slatt
@worldsteamexpo - World Steam Expo
@zovabooks - ZOVA Books