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BLOG - Steampunk Renovation Challenge

October 27 - November 2, 2014
7 Reasons Why Steampunk Is Totally "Now"

Scary Cool Steampunk Dragon Coffee Table

The Highs and Lows of Editing in the Steampunk Genre

Steampunk Granny Interviews Leonardo Ramirez of the Jupiter Chronicles

The Indie Steampunk Book Extravaganza 2, For one day only, Friday November 14th, a fantastic collection of steampunk novels from your favorite authors will be on sale for only $0.99 each. Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery and more!

Blog - Mann Month

Kickstarter - Length x Wit, A dice and tile press-your-luck word game for 2 - 6 players. Using a combination of wooden tiles and artisan dice, players attempt to create words based on their dice roll. Each letter die multiplies the word score. Players must then decide whether to stop and score or draw another die, roll again and risk it all! Ends Nov 6

Blog - Horror and the Steampunk Genre

Blog - Retrofuturismos. Antología Steampunk, de VVAA , Spanish steampunk anthology

Steampunk web series a hit for local prop company, "Archangel: From the Winter's End Chronicles" follows the adventures of a Batman-style vigilante in 1893 London who fights a pirate gang that flies around in sci-fi airships. It's the brainchild of Dave Di Pietro, the director of new products at Museum Replicas.

Review - Steampunk LEGO by Guy Himber

These Magical Flying Ship Illustrations Will Be Your New Desktops

October 20 - October 26, 2014
Art - Steampunk Batman by Vektor1970 at DeviantArt.com

Art - Steampunk Batman Linework by odingraphics at DeviantArt.com

Art - Steampunk Foes by StriderDen at DeviantArt.com

Art - Steampunk Vader by DeuceOhNegative at DeviantArt.com

Art - Steampunk Iron Man by Promus-Kaa at DeviantArt.com

Review - New boook series, The Yellow Hoods by Adam Dreece

Photography - Steampunk friends for life, by @antti_karppinen

Flash Fiction - ARISTOPHANES BROWN – The Curious Case of the Moving Ceiling by SJ Summerisle @6_tailed_comet

Conundrum comic- Thoughts from the artist, "Conundrum is just one of several new titles we’re currently crafting, centring on the lives of three men whose worlds and ideologies collide in an Early 20th Century Steampulp setting. It draws influence from the old pulp characters such as Doc Savage and the Shadow, and even a bit of classic superhero mythology."

Review - A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Halloway

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #46 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #46 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #47 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #47 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #48 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #48 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #49 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #49 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #50 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #50 Solution

Historic Recipe via @RayDean219 - Fruit Cake

Historic Recipe - Recipes from old newspapers

Historic Recipe - Cold Oven 1800's Pound Cake

Historic Recipe - Scottish Oat Biscuits, This recipe appeared on the Quaker Oats box in 1908 and again from 1909 to 1913.

Historic Recipe - Victorian Soup Recipes

Historic People - Nellie Bly, As an often-undercover journalist, Bly sided with poor and marginalized people.

Historic People - Harriet Wilson, First African American of either gender to publish a novel on the North American continent.

Historic People - Nikola Tesla

Historic People - George Westinghouse

Historic People - Conquering Bear, Chosen to represent the Lakota at the Ft. Laramie treaty council in 1851,

Historic Technology - The Traffic Light, invented in 1868 by J.P. Knight, a railway engineer

Historic Technology - Telephone, In the 1870s, two inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell both independently designed devices that could transmit speech electrically (the telephone).

Historic Technology - Vacuum Cleaner, invented 1869 by Ives McGaffey. It was the first hand-pumped vacuum cleaner in the United States, a wood and canvas contraption.

Historic Technology - Edison Cylinder Phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison, 1877

Historic Technology - Zoöpraxiscope, developed by Eadweard Muybridge in 1879, which projected a series of images in successive phases of movement obtained through the use of multiple cameras.

19th century 9lb, 100-blade multitool with a pistol

9 Burning Questions About Waistcoats & Weaponry ~ Answered!

Home decor - Dory Copper Clad with Teak

Serialized fiction - Montfort's Web, Prologue

Waistcoats & Weaponry Sweepstakes!, ends Oct 31st

October 13 - October 19, 2014
Airship Ambassador interview with author Tina Connolly, Part 2, talking about her latest book, Silverblind

Airship Ambassador interview with author Tina Connolly, conclusion

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #41 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #41 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #42 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #42 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #43 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #43 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #44 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #44 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #45 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #45 Solution

Read - Steampunk Softies: Scientifically Minded Dolls from a Past That Never Was by Sarah Skeate

Read - The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross

Read - Steampunk edited by Ann Vandermeer

Read - Metalwork Jewelry: 35 Step-by-step Projects Inspired by Steampunk by Linda Peterson

Read - Corsets and Clockwork: 13 Steampunk Romances by Lesley Livingston

Historic Recipes - via Victoriana Lady Lisa, scones, shortbread, marmalade

Historic Recipe via @RayDean219 - German Trifle

Historic Recipe - Mormon Johnnycake, Here is a form of cornbread used not only by the Mormon immigrants, as the name indicates, but quite often by most of the immigrants traveling west.

Historic Recipe - La Cuisine Creole , New Orleans, 1885

Historic Recipe - The 1896 One Pound-Pound Cake

Blog - A Toxic Environment: living in the Victorian era – A Steampunk Perspective

Blog - Ada Lovelace as a Steampunk Character

Blog - The Punk in Steampunk

Blog - The Real-life Plucky Girl Dressed as a Boy: Isabelle Eberhardt, a Steampunk Characterization

Blog - The Art of Travel, Francis Galton

Art - Steampunk Maleficent by Brian Kesinger at DeviantArt.com

Art - Steampunk Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake Fan Art

Kindle book - The Kaiser Affair by Joseph Robert Lewis. Free on Kindle for a limited time. When a master thief escapes from prison, detective Bettina Rothschild must put him back behind bars before the scandalous fiasco destroys the Ministry of Justice. Her investigation leads from decaying cemeteries where ravens conspire to warehouses where wondrous machines are built in secret, and even to the fabled Drifting Isle above the city of Eisenstadt where an ancient tomb hides a deadly secret.

Review - A Primer on Steampunk – Jeff Vandermeer (Part 1 of 2)

The Steampunk Newspaper - The Aether Chronicle #18, Steampunk Online Game Designer Interviewed by Kevin Steil; New Steampunk Film In The Making!; Amelia Own Kibbey Lost on Route to Prague!; The Lastest Seamswaddle by Tropple E. Armitage

Handmade steampunk watches by Alexander Tasou, designer at Hi Tek Designs

Cover - STEAMPUNK BSG 1880 #4 (OF 4)

Kickstarter - Jupiter Chronicles: A Steampunk Animated Space Epic! It is the year 1892 and Ian and Callie have had to suffer the hardships of a single parent family since their father went missing. But when they uncover an old telescope in their attic, the Castillos are rocketed to the steam-powered floating cities of Jupiter where they discover a secret that will ignite an era that will forever be known by its strange name . . . Steampunk! End Nov 12th

Kickstarter - Steamscapes: Asia - A Savage Worlds Licensed Setting, Steamscapes is a licensed game setting for Savage Worlds. It is a realistic alternative historical approach to steampunk. As such, it contains many of the things you would expect in a steampunk setting - airships, automatons, electricity gone wild - but places them in a real-world context. The world of Steamscapes is recognizable but changed. You will find many familiar faces and places, but their roles are not always what you expect. Ends October 28th.

McCall’s Pattern Company Booth At New York Comic Con

Interview With Lara Nance, Author of Revenge of the Mad Scientist

Game Review - Clockwork Empires, Wondrous Melange of Steampunk Insanity and Bugs

Instructables - Glowing Steampunk Flash Drive

October 6 - October 12, 2014
Airship Ambassador interview with author Tina Connolly, talking about her latest book, Silverblind

Read - Steampunk Fashion by Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe

Read - The Red Plague Affair by Lilith Saintcrow

Read - Silver Mirrors by A. A. Aguirre

Read - The Clockwork Wolf by Lynn Viehl

Read - Cold Copper by Devon Monk

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #36 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #36 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #37 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #37 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #38 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #38 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #39 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #39 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #40 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #40 Solution

How 'Boxtrolls' Composer Marianelli Waltzes Through Stop-Motion Steampunk Madness

Review: Frenchy and the Punk's Bonjour Batfrog, the newest album delivers a rocking combination of attitude and whimsy

Tales from the Archives III: Eight, In this episode: What the Turtles Saw, Written by Jared Axelrod, Narrated by Jarrod Axelrod and Tee Morris. When Wellington is made supervisor of the Ministry’s R&D department, he has to deal with Professor Axelrod, and all his dangerous and doolally experiments. He just never knew it would involve…turtles…

Blog - Dresses in Curtsies & Conspiracies, inspirational clothing pieces for this book

An interview with ArtPrize Steampunk sculptor Anthony Jackson

Wee Faerie Village Gives 'Alice In Wonderland' A Steampunk Twist

Antipodean Steampunk collection comes to Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery

Clockwork Rhetoric - The Language and Style of Steampunk, Communication researcher examines Steampunk subculture with scholarly lens

Get your copy - Clockwork Rhetoric - The Language and Style of Steampunk

Photos - The Purple Steampunk Buggy

Moores Opera Center Delivers Steampunk Update of 'The Tales of Hoffmann'

Article - What is ... The Jupiter Chronicles?

Cover Reveal: Gears of Brass - A Steampunk Anthology

New Release - Steampunk User's Manual, An exploration of the retro-futurist genre shares practical and creative guidance for fans, covering topics ranging from fashion and architecture to music and storytelling.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at THE STEAMPUNK USER’S MANUAL by Jeff VanderMeer and Desirina Boskovich

BOOM! Studios Announces ‘Lantern City’ comic series, "Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce they are teaming up with Macrocosm Entertainment to publish Lantern City, a yearlong 12-issue maxi-series from the Archaia imprint that dives headfirst into the Steampunk genre. This will be the first single issue maxi-series published by Archaia since it first started publishing The Secret History in 2007."

Blog - The Aether Nomads Project, in Spanish and can translate into English on the webpage. "It is a whole fictitious, Airship-based nomadic culture…"

Did IBM kill Steampunk’s 15 minutes of fame?

Blog - Women in Science: a Steampunk Perspective

Blog - Iron in the Soul: Steampunk Protagonists

Blog - The Scandalous Nellie Bly: a Steampunk Characterization

Blog - Rocket to the Moon: Steampunk Technology – Part One

Blog - The Characterization of a Steampunk Antagonist

Murdoch Mysteries Syndicated in U.S.

Article - Steampunk is place where past, present, future collide, about Bruce Rosenbaum, his house, and the Steampunk Mansion Mashup at the Lippitt House Museum

Steampunk 101: Workshop is just in time for the Steampunk Progressive Dinner and Ball

New Steampunk Radio Show - Willow Leafstorm’s ‘Steam Powered Cabaret’, Saturdays, 7pm US-Pacific time

Review - HRM (High Rollers & Mavericks) Steampunk Symposium and Shindig

Sept 29 - October 5, 2014
A look inside the steampunk artistry of the Goozlepipe & Guttyworks bar

Review - 'Clockwork Dagger' Is A Thought-Provoking Steampunk Adventure

Article - The Little Dirigible That Could—And Did

Read - Steampunk LEGO — New from No Starch Press

Steampunk LEGO A Coffee Table Book filled with Victorian-Inspired LEGO

PHOTOS: Hunky Steampunk Men Will Shovel Your Coal And Then Some

Spider-Men, Steampunk and striped scarves

Steampunk event hits Abbey Wood's Crossness Pumping Station

Wonderful 'Wee Faerie Village' Opens With A Steampunk'd Twist

Augusta steampunk gathering seeks lovers of retro sci-fi

Kickstarter - Rocket Race: A Steampunk Rocket Building Card Game, Build-Race-Win! Construct amazing moon rockets from an array of weird science devices in this fast paced card game for 2-6 players. Ends November 4th.

Steampunk Cthuhu Review

Browser game - World of Steampunk 2, Crazy emperor is back so step into the World of Steampunk and stand against the evil. Good luck and have fun playing!

Article - Steampunk Magic Theatre

Blog - Bird’s Eye View: Steampunk in Gotham?

Blog - I’m Worried I Might Enjoy Steampunk

Game Review - The Order 1886, the Playstation 4 exclusive from Ready at Dawn and SCEA (due out February 2015)

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #31 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #31 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #32 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #32 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #33 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #33 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #34 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #34 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #35 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #35 Solution

Read - The Art of Steampunk: Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions from the Leading Artists of the Steampunk Movement by Art Donovan

Read - Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun: A Companion for in Her Majesty's Name by Craig Cartmell

Read - Steampunk Emporium: Creating Fantastical Jewelry, Devices and Oddments from Assorted Cogs, Gears and Curios by Jema Hewitt

Read - The Girl in the Steel Corset \ The Strange Case of Finley Jayne by Kady Cross

Read - The Six-Gun Tarot by R. S. Belcher

Steampunk Events for October 2014 on Tor.com

Steampunk Rally Designer Diary Index

Sept 22 - Sept 28, 2014
Read - Steampunk Your Wardrobe: Easy Projects to Add Victorian Flair to Everyday Fashions by Calista Taylor

Read - Dawn's Early Light by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris

Read - 1000 Steampunk Creations by Dr. Grymm

Read - Steampunk-Style Jewelry: Victorian, Fantasy, and Mechanical Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings by Jean Campbell

Read - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 3: Century: 2009 by Alan Moore

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #26 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #26 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #27 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #27 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #28 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #28 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #29 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #29 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #30 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #30 Solution

Historic Recipe - Red Bean Pie

Historic Recipes - The national cook book - 1856

Historic Recipe - Caledonian Wedding Cake

Historic Recipe via @RayDean219 - Kentish Fritters

Historic Recipe - Victorian Sandwich recipes

Kickstarter - Lost Homeland - Videogame, Action game, stealth, platforms and freedom of exploration. Contains elements of old Industrial, Victorian era and Steampunk aesthetic.

Indiegogo - HOUNDS OF LONDRAS, A Steam-punk role playing game; a young scientist must recover lost memories and stop a war. Ends October 19

Loncon3, Art, Literature and friendship

The Genre Jumble of Steampunk and Why It Works

Steampunk gears up for a broader audience

Art - "Steampunk" par Cuber via @FrenchSteampunk

Victorian Hair Art and Mourning Traditions

Steampunk Fiction and the Women Who Write It

Steampunk & Disability: Why I Find It’s A Better Fit Than Other Fandoms

Blog - What kills me, makes me want to fly By Syfer Locke

Burning the Bustle; Steampunk and Feminism

Genre Guide: Steampunk for Teens

Preview: Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #7

Former Prescott resident's steampunk art at The Raven Café

Article - Steampunk in Home

Listen - Miranda: The Steampunk Murder Mystery Opera

Author Spotlight: Warren Ellis

Listen - Steampunk Engineering

Changing Gears: the Steampunk Plot

Steampunk Stereotypes (and how to avoid them)

The Perfect Frame: Steampunk Settings

Research: obsessing over details for the Steampunk genre

The Steampunk Literary Genre: a scholarly summary

Review - Maliha Anderson Mysteries (Volume 1) by Steve Turnbull

Sept 15 - Sept 21, 2014
Steampunk Invasion 2014 - Review

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author David Barnett, talking about his new book, Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author David Barnett, Part 2

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #21 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #21 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #22 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #22 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #23 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #23 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #24 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #24 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #25 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #25 Solution

The World's First Powered Submarine Arrived 60 Years Before Its Time, the Ictineo II is widely considered the world's first "true" submarine.

A Clockwork Core Set: Announcing Munchkin Steampunk card game,

Steampunk Invasion Review: The Unofficial Rules of Steampunk

Video coverage - Steampunk Invasion 2014

GoFundMe - Antediluvian - steampunk web series, that takes place on and off the floating island of Antediluvian which is actually unknown to those that have seen it, Atlantis. As the island randomly travels through time, many times without warning, in a flash of light, the island will disappear out of one century and into another.

Help out The Jupiter Chronicles Create an Animated Short, Ian Castillo is a young boy who, together with his sister Callie, discover their secret; they are the son and daughter of a Jovian king whose world had been subjugated by the evil Lord Phobos of Mars.

First Steampunk Arms contest by Engranajes, vapor y lámparas de gas, All adults, regardless of their nationality, can participate in the first contest"Steampunk Weapons". The competition is open to all weapons in the Steampunk style or appearance. The contest will end November 15, 2014, at midnight (Spanish Peninsular time).

Steampunk Invasion Pictures - Friday

Steampunk Invasion Pictures - Saturday

Read - Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger

Read - Steampunk Designs by Marty Noble

Read - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1: The Omnibus Edition by Alan Moore

Read - How to Draw Steampunk by Joey Marsocci

Read - Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts by Thomas Willeford

Historic Recipe - Molasses Stack Cake

Historic Recipes - The Mansfield cook book - 1890

Historic Recipe via @RayDean219 - Jenny Lind Cake Recipe

Sept 8 - Sept 14, 2014
Read - Voyage of Alexandria (Alexandrian Saga #6) by Thomas K. Carpenter

Read - The Clockwork Golem by Leanna Shields

Read - Original Destination by J. Yates

Read - Bontrix by Agee, James, Jr.

Read - Steampunk Omnibus: A Galvanic Century Collection by Michael Coorlim

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #16 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #16 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #17 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #17 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #18 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #18 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #19 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #19 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #20 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk #Sudoku #20 Solution

Historic Recipe - Lazy Cobbler, This updated version of an old cowboy dessert, sometimes called dump, will serve 12 hungry cowboys.

Historic Recipes - The Captain's Lady cookbook--personal journal : circa, Massachusetts 1837-1917

Historic Recipe - 1858 English Spiced Cake

Historic Recipe - Wedding Cake, with 50 eggs!

Historic Recipe - Pioneer Cut Dumplings from the 1800's

Historic People - Grandma Moses, folk artist, Moses’ style is noted for evocative themes and pleasing figure arrangement.

Historic People - Martin Robison Delany, First African-American field officer in the United States Army.

Historic People - Harriet Tubman, A “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, she led more than 300 slaves to freedom.

Historic People - Clara Barton, started the Red Cross

Historic People - Annie Oakley, Gifted with uncanny marksmanship and star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, she established herself as a famous western folk legend.

Photography - A Morning of Steampunk Pt1

PHOTOS: 2014 Steampunk Spectacle

VIDEO: Steampunk Spectacle At ARTS/West

Instructables - Steampunk Violin Beetle by gmjhowe

Call for “Steampunk” inspired art by the East End Studio Gallery, Last day to submit will be Friday, October 31st.

Super Steampunk Wedding Ideas

Cogs in Time 2 – steampunk anthology, releasing October 2014

Sept 1 - Sept 7, 2014
Watch - #WingfootOne emerges for it's mainden flight, @GoodyearBlimp's newest airship

Diversity in Steampunk – Exclusion from Inclusion, Steampunk India’s letter to the Independent on Sunday regarding the New Review Steampunk feature from the 31st of August

Weekend at the Asylum: Europe's biggest steampunk convention, The Independent's steampunk article from August 31.

Kickstarter - Tumbleweed Express: The Steampunk Railshooter/Tower Defense, Trains with guns on them in the Wild West! Shoot, upgrade, customize, and mount up to defeat brutal outlaws and ruthless businessmen!

The Adventures of Alan Shaw book review, The Adventures of Alan Shaw follows a young boy as he gets into various scrapes in the mid-19th century. These aren’t run of the mill scrapes, though. They involve brass robots and mechanical squid among many other wonderful creations. Written by Craig Hallam

Steampunk Style competition winners by Titan Books

Article - Steaming into the Past , "get a broader understanding of this recent form of manufactured nostalgia."

Article - Steampunk Kitchen, A Kitchen of Steampunk Is A Long Time Investment

An interview with first time Steampunk author, February Grace

Article - Steampunk interiors. It’s more than wall murals and wall decals

Article - Steampunk renovation at the University of Nevada Reno

6 Steampunk Tales for the Impatient Sherlock Fan

Review - Steampunk Win with ‘Forged by Desire’

Book review: Nefertiti’s Heart, "Cara Devon’s life just turned very complicated. First, her estranged father dies mysteriously, leaving his collection of priceless antiques to her. Then, when she tries selling them off, she attracts the attention of the notorious crime lord, Viscount Nathaniel Lyons. Even worse, young noble ladies like herself are turning up dead of broken hearts – literally. And Her Majesty’s Enforcers think the serial killer is somehow connected to Cara."

Art - Steampunk Spider-Man, by artist Denis Medri

Read - Jani and the Greater Game by Eric Brown

Read - The Gearmaker's Locket by Shannon L. Reagan

Read - The Steampunk Trilogy by Paul Di Filippo

Read - Der Blaue Tod: Clockwork Cologne by Susanne Gerdom, In German,

Read - Edison's Conquest of Mars (Illustrated) by Garrett P. Serviss

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #11 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #11 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #12 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #12 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #13 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #13 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #14 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #14 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #15 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #15 Solution

August 25 - August 31, 2014
Watch #WingfootOne, @GoodyearBlimp's newest airship

Kickstarter - USB Airship/Zeppelin Flash Drive, A USB Flash Drive for fans of blimps, zeppelins, steampunk, dieselpunk, and vintage aviation. Ends Sept 16

Kickstarter - Bleeding Heart, A Steampunk-spiced short comic about an injured werewolf, an amateur mad scientist, and (mostly) good intentions. Ends Sept 3

Kickstarter - Clockwork Kingdom, Clockwork Kingdom is a worker placement game for 3 to 4 players set in an exciting fantasy steampunk world. Sept 23

Kickstarter - Skjaar game, Skjaar is a hybrid steampunk/horror/fantasy adventure game with elements of action and stealth for PC and Mac.

This Steampunk Prosthetic Leg Is A Clockwork Wonder [Video]

Blog - Steampunk and the Heroine’s Journey: Introduction

Art - Steampunk Spider Woman at DeviantArt.com

Review - Steampunk Trails #1, A review by Sandra Scholes. Steampunk Trails is a new magazine by David B. Riley, editor of Science Fiction Trails and Low Noon.

Review - Power Plays and Indian Steampunk in Eric Brown’s Jani and the Greater Game, The privileged daughter of an Indian government official, Jani is an accomplished citizen of Empire—modern, secular, and studying medicine at Cambridge.

Read - The Executioner's Heart by George Mann

Read - Heartless by Gail Carriger

Read - Timeless by Gail Carriger

Read - Dark Steam by Bob Shafer

Read - A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard

Art - Steampunk Battle Concept by Tyler Edlin Art, at Deviantart.com

Art - Lunar Town by Flavio Bolla @FlavioBolla , at Deviantart.com

Art - Sky City 2 by Chris Becker , at Deviantart.com

Art - Etherwind Air Ship by Eliyas De Crueset , at Deviantart.com

Art - Ardent by Jonathan Brünner , at Deviantart.com

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #6 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #6 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #7 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #7 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #8 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #8 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #9 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #9 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #10 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #10 Solution

August 18 - August 24, 2014
Register your airship or group with The Pandora Society

Steampunk prof eyes the next frontier

Kickstarter - Trilania: Steampunk Poker Dice, Steampunk Poker Dice are a great addition to any card enthusiast collection. Ends Sept 14

Kickstarter - Steampunk & Cthulhu Soundtracks: Tabletop Gaming Soundscapes, Steampunk and Lovecraft inspired soundscapes for gaming with alternate history and Cthulhu mythos board games and RPGs! Ends Sept 11

Kickstarter - Age of Grit - A Cowboy Steampunk RPG, A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship! Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world! Ends Sept 25

Kickstarter - Clockwork Wars, a fantasy-steampunk war game, Position your troops, research powerful discoveries, employ espionage, and capture strategic resources to win the game! Ends Sept 3

Kickstarter - Reese and Reeves: A new steampunk novel series!, Reese and Reeves takes place in a world where countries have been replaced with time period specific versions. England is now Victoria, a country full of Steampunk elements, stuck in a unending Victorian era. Ends Sept 5

Disney Nautilus Desktop Art

MOC Madness 2014: Steam Wars Returns!, a contest with a simple challenge: pick a vehicle from Star Wars and remake it in steampunk style with Lego. Four rounds are now complete, Last round ends Sept 5. Winners announced Spet 6.

Are you playing Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance RPG?

Review of Steampunk Tarot created by Caitlin and John Matthews, with illustrations by Wil Kinghan

Steampunk boutique joins fight against homelessness

Art - Steampunk Dreams by EnchantedWhispersArt, at DeviantArt.com

Mono-goggle by Yura

Steampunk Cometh?, has Steampunk moved from its status as a niche enthusiasm to something more mainstream?

Clockwork Empires Hands-On Preview – Gaslamp Games Goes Civilization Meets Steampunk, Clockwork Empires looks to be a mash of the Sims, Civilization and Lovecraft.

Fantasy Steampunk Contraptions Made Only From Cardboard, Daniel Agdag works with a limited arsenal of tools: a surgical scalpel, some cardboard, every so often a circular cutter and lots of glue.

Book Feature: Hand of Miriam, A Victorian world of supernatural creatures, magnificent airships, a secret society, and one bluestocking adventuress who, threatened by evil seeks protection by awakening the golem.

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #1 Easy

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #1 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #2 Medium

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #2 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #3 Hard

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #3 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #4 Unfair

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #4 Solution

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #5 Extreme

Airship Ambassador's Steampunk Sudoku #5 Solution

Read - 14 by Peter Clines

Read - Steampunk Jewellery by Carolyn Schulz

Read - Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson

Read - Gilded Lily by Delphine Dryden

Read - Tin Swift by Devon Monk

August 11 - August 17, 2014
The Aether Chronicle #14 is now available

Eric Brown on What Steampunk Means To Me

Why are steampunks being blamed for a lack of smallpox?

14 Charming GIFs Made From the Smithsonian’s Steampunk Prints

Fashion by Florina Becichi for the Belvedere Society Club

Read - Extracted by Sherry D. Ficklin, The Tesla Institute is a premier academy that trains young time travelers called Rifters. Created by Nicola Tesla, the Institute seeks special individuals who can help preserve the time stream against those who try to alter it. The Hollows is a rogue band of Rifters who tear through time with little care for the consequences. Armed with their own group of lost teens--their only desire to find Tesla and put an end to his corruption of the time stream.

Read - The Return of the Discontinued Man by Mark Hodder , SPRING HEELED JACK IS JUMPING BACK! It's 9 p.m. on February 15, 1860, and Charles Babbage, the British Empire's most brilliant scientist, performs an experiment. Within moments, blood red snow falls from the sky and Spring Heeled Jack pops out of thin air in London's Leicester Square. Though utterly disoriented and apparently insane, the strange creature is intent on one thing: hunting Sir Richard Francis Burton!

Read - Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun: A Companion for in Her Majesty's Name by Craig Cartmell, With new equipment, Talents, Mystical Powers, scenario options and a host of Adventuring Companies, Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun reveals the mysteries of the East to players of In Her Majesty's Name.

Read - Rings of Anubis by E. Catherine Tobler, As the nineteenth century turns into the twentieth, the world looks to a future of revolutionary science and extraordinary machines. Archaeologist Eleanor Folley looks back to Egypt's ancient mysteries and her mother's inexplicable, haunting disappearance. Agent Virgil Mallory, a man with ghosts and monsters of his own, brings evidence of a crime, taking them both on a thrilling adventure that carries them from Paris to Egypt, and from the present to the ancient past. Uncovering the truth exposes a dangerous game of life, death, and uncanny powers!

Read - The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy by Jacopo Della Quercia , This historical thriller is an equal-parts cocktail of action, adventure, science-fiction and comedy. The book follows a globe-trotting President Taft and Robert Todd Lincoln in a race to solve a mystery stretching back to the Civil War and the Lincoln assassination. Based on true events, readers will find themselves swept into a vast conspiracy spanning four continents and three oceans during the turn of the century. Fascinating technologies will be harnessed, dark secrets revealed, true villains exposed

Art - Departure by Tyler Edlin Art, at Deviantart.com

Art - Osmadth - Freedom's Call by Flavio Bolla @FlavioBolla , at Deviantart.com

Art - Laputa by TerryLH , at Deviantart.com

Art - Airship City by Min Nguen , at Deviantart.com

Art - Steampunk Skin by Ledious , at Deviantart.com

Historic Technology - Pullman Sleeping Car, George Pullman created and refined the sleeping car in 1857 that dominated railroad travel for decades.

Historic Technology - The Washing Machine

Historic Technology - Yale lock

Historic Technology - Dynamite, invented in 1866 by Alfred Nobel

Historic Technology - Whitehead Torpedo, The Whitehead torpedo was the first self-propelled or "locomotive" torpedo ever developed. It was perfected in 1866 by Robert Whitehead from a design conceived by Giovanni Luppis of the Austro-Hungarian Navy.

Historic People - Jean-Joseph-Étienne Lenoir, He is best known as the first person to develop a practical internal combustion engine and an automobile powered by it.

Historic People - Alexander Parkes, singlehandedly managed to discover fully synthetic plastic in 1862

Historic People - Eadweard Muybridge, often called the "Father of the motion picture"

Historic People - Jules Henri Giffard, invented the steam injector and built the world's first passenger airship in 1852.

Historic People - Richard Trevithick, invented the first tramway locomotive. However, it was a road locomotive, designed for a road and not for a railroad.

Historic Recipe - Kiss Pudding, From an 1883 Texas Cookbook

Historic Recipes - Church of the Good Sheperd cook-book - (Binghamton, N.Y.). - 1896

Historic Recipe - 1890 Cream Cake

Historic Recipe - Syllabub Pudding

Historic Recipe - Victorian Vegetable Recipes

August 4 - August 10, 2014
Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author Margaret Killjoy

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author Margaret Killjoy, part 2

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author Margaret Killjoy, part 3

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author Margaret Killjoy, part 4

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk author Margaret Killjoy, part 5

Games - Machinations – Steampunk RPG, a Dead Simple RPG.

Games - Stargate 1895 RPG, a Dead Simple RPG.

Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #3-4, scanned images from Scans-Daily

Defining Steampunk with Author Emma Jane Holloway

Steampunk Disney Characters Open Up A Whole New World

Steampunk Clock Latest HD Wallpapers

Steampunk and literature collide, On July 31, the Galion Public Library, led by Heather Tiffany, Children’s Librarian and head of the Children and Teens’ Activities, hosted The Phantasmagorical Steampunk Extravaganza.

Review - The Girl with the Windup Heart by Kady Cross

Discussion - What are the Core elements of a steampunk game?

The Smashing Pumpkins & Steampunk

Art - Steampunk Construct

Indonesian artist creates gigantic steampunk turtle

Steampunk Books Coming Out In August 2014

Art - Kodran Migrant Fleet by Tyler Edlin Art, at Deviantart.com

Art - Mansion in the Forest by Flavio Bolla @FlavioBolla , at Deviantart.com

Art - Dragon Palace by TerryLH , at Deviantart.com

Art - Pirates Airship by Min Nguen , at Deviantart.com

Art - Pirate Dirigible by Grace Liu , at Deviantart.com

Historic People - Elizabeth Blackwell, The first woman physician in the U.S. She opened a slum infirmary and trained women in medicine.

Historic People - Winifred Edgerton Merrill, First U.S. woman to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics

Historic People - Alessandro Volta, invented the voltiac pile - the first battery.

Historic People - Jacob Perkins, inventor of the refrigerator among other things.

Historic People - John Tyndall, scientist, explained why the sky is blue and set the foundation for fiber optic technology

Historic Technology - Portland Cement, In 1824, English inventor, Joseph Aspdin invented Portland Cement, which has remained the dominant cement used in concrete production. Joseph Aspdin created the first true artificial cement by burning ground limestone and clay together.

Historic Technology - Electro Magnet, British electrician, William Sturgeon invented the electromagnet in 1825. The first electromagnet was a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron that was wrapped with a loosely wound coil of several turns.

Historic Technology - typographer, America's first typewriter, was first invented and made by William Austin Burt in 1829

Historic Technology - The fax machine, The first fax machine was invented by Scottish mechanic and inventor Alexander Bain in 1843.

Historic Technology - The Safety Pin, invented in 1849 by Walter Hunt.

July 28 - August 3, 2014
Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk game designer Liz Spain

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk game designer Liz Spain, Part 2

Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk game designer Liz Spain, Part 3

Art and book - The Aviator Collection by Julian Quaye, described as steampunk meets Beatrix Potter

The Steampunk Scholar comments on Paul Di Filippo's Steampunk Trilogy

Subscribe to Dispatches from the Ministry, a monthly email update from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences with latest news on all Ministry happenings, doing giveaways, and an occasional peak behind the curtain for upcoming stories.

Art - Scholar's Tower by Julie Dillion, at Deviantart.com

Art - Windom Academy by Tyler Edlin Art, at Deviantart.com

Art - Osmadth - Bancur City Main Street by Flavio Bolla @FlavioBolla, at Deviantart.com

Art - Airship by Marcus Luk, at Deviantart.com

Art - Airship by TerryLH, at Deviantart.com

Games - Machinations – Dark & Fantastic Steampunk RPG, a Dead Simple RPG. The Eternal City is a world at ninety degrees to our own. It is a world where alchemy works and where the human animus (the spirit of life) can be captured and maintained indefinitely, then put to work in any one of thousands of useful mechanical inventions. It is a world that lives in the dark shadow of unshakeable moral certitudes that maintain an unfair and oppressive system of class and social division.

Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – The Winners!, at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon The Pandora Society announced the winners for the Highwind Steamworks Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest

The Old West Festival Costume Contest, The Old West Festival hosts an official Steampunk Weekend in partnership with the Pandora Society. During this weekend we host costume contests, invention contests, NERF duels, Steampunk music bands, and been on hand to inform the curious public about “what IS this whole Steampunk thing?” We are looking for the perfect picture that exemplifies Western Steampunk, thus the costume contest.

Steampunk Orrery Calendar Clock Yahoo Widget 1.1.8, This is the Steampunk Orrery widget Mark II - This is the new version that provides a lot more animation and extra functionality.

Historic Recipe - Frontier Pudding

Historic Recipe - Early-Riser Oven Omelet

Historic Recipe - How We Cook In Los Angeles - 1894

Historic Recipe - Potato Salad from 1879

Historic Recipe - Spice Cakes, 100 Year Old Recipe

Historic People - Susan B. Anthony, A tireless campaigner for gender equality, who inspired a nationwide suffrage movement.

Historic People - Annie Smith Peck, a trailblazing scholar, writer and athlete who set records as a mountain climber in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Historic People - Florence Bascom, Pioneer Geologist, first woman to receive a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University , first woman hired by the United States Geological Survey,

Historic People - Chief Leschi, chief of the Nisqually Native American tribe.

Historic People - Norbert Rillieux, widely considered to be one of the earliest chemical engineers

Historic Technology - The Tin Can, 1810, British merchant Peter Durand made an impact on food preservation with his 1810 patenting of the tin can. The first tin cans were so thick they had to be hammered open. As cans became thinner, it became possible to invent dedicated can openers.

Historic Technology - Soda Fountain, a device to carbonate water and juices

Historic Technology - Stethoscope, invented by the French physician R.T.H. Laënnec in 1816

Historic Technology - The Refrigerator, patented in 1834 by Jacob Perkins

Historic Technology - The Analytical Engine, invented 1834 by Charles Babbage.

July 21 - July 27, 2014
Art - Departure of the Borealis by Christophe Vacher

Steampunk Events for August 2014

Victorian Houses ~ Peek into Gail's Research

Thomas Willeford wins award for his steampunk Iron Man outfit

Steampunk wins big at style awards

Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets – Vote for YOUR Favorite, until August 1st

Antipodean Steampunk Show at Melbourne – Janet Walker Review

Steampunk’s tea museum to set sail

Concept art for French Steampunk Superhero movie, Les Sentinelles

Instructables - Easy DIY Steampunk USB

Indiegogo - Steampunk Arcade Game

How to Emboss Metal to Make DIY Steampunk Jewelry

Historic Recipe - Chocolate Carmels, a candy recipe from the October 23, 1893 Albuquerque Evening Citizen

Historic Recipe - Early American Cherry Crisp

Historic Recipes - Royal Baking Powder Company Cook Book - 1886

Historic People - Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Abolitionist and Suffragette

Historic People - Mary Walton, patented a method of deflecting smoke stack emissions and invented a noise reduction system for elevated railroads in New York City.

Historic People - Ellen Swallow Richards, The most prominent female American chemist of the 19th century, Ellen H. Swallow Richards (1842–1911) was a pioneer in sanitary engineering and a founder of home economics in the United States.

Historic Technology - Jacquard Loom, invented 1804, French silk weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard Loom that weaved complex designs. Jacquard invented a way of automatically controlling the warp and weft threads on a silk loom by recording patterns of holes in a string of cards.

Historic Technology - The first photograph, A French inventor named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took this first photograph from the window of his studio in France in the early 1820s

Historic Technology - Sewing Machine, The first functional sewing machine was invented by the French tailor, Barthelemy Thimonnier, in 1830.

Historic Music - Richard Wagner - Götterdämmerung - Siegfried's Funeral March , It first premiered August 17, 1876, as part of the first complete performance of the Ring.

Historic Music - Tchaikovsky - Waltz Of The Flowers , premiered December 18, 1892 in The Nutcracker

Historic Music - Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No.2, Composed in 1847 and first published as a piano solo in 1851

July 14 - July 20, 2014
Steampunk Shakespeare - Comedy of Errors

Tips on staying safe when modelling outside of events

Game - Steampunk Rally, an upcoming strategy game that incorporates steampunk as more than just a bit of chrome. Using a unique dice-placement mechanic, players take on the roles of famous inventors like Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie constructing fantastical contraptions that make use of steam, heat and electricity in an attempt to win a no-holds-barred race through the Swiss alps! Kickstarter in late 2014

Steampunk Sundays: The Girl with the Iron Touch by Kady Cross

Defining Steampunk with Artist Irina Jordan

July 7 - July 13, 2014
Airship Ambassador Interview with Lev AC Rosen, part 2, author of All Men of Genius

Airship Ambassador Interview with Lev AC Rosen, part 3, author of All Men of Genius

Blog - The Story Behind Alessandro Tarabotti's Cover Art , by Gail Carriger

Blog - The Curious Case Covered by Pete Venters

Kickstarter - the Encyclopedia of Steampunk Animals, by Erin Townsend. A coffee-table style art book full of imaginative fusions of organic and mechanic, presented in a fun era-past style.

Kickstarter - Reese and Reeves: A new steampunk novel series, Reese and Reeves takes place in a world where countries have been replaced with time period specific versions. England is now Victoria, a country full of Steampunk elements, stuck in a unending Victorian era. Another example is France, which is now Baroque, a country full of parties and grandeur. Following this theme, we have the United States of America as the States of Era, taking in elements from multiple time periods. As the series goes on, our heroes will visit these countries and more.

Kickstarter - Fire At Will!, players take on the role of airship captains in a civil war era steampunk universe. Players play cards from 6 randomized command decks and play them into action piles in order to score successful shots against their opponent. While speed is important, accuracy is vital - one wrong play could cause your cannon to blow up during the Scoring Phase!

Kickstarter - Westward #8, A steampunk-mystery comic series, Westward follows the ongoing themes of individual achievement and the essence of human happiness. The latest title from Kinetic Press, and writer/illustrator Ken Krekeler. The story is told over the course of 10 issues, played against a Victorian/Deco background of corporate espionage and technological revolution. Westward #8 will be distributed through Diamond in August of 2014. Ends July 31st.

Kickstarter - Steam Wars, OVER 120 pages full color pages, this edition collects issues 1 through 5 of the groundbreaking STEAM WARS series by Fred Perry. Ends August 2nd.

Review: The Return of the Discontinued Man - Mark Hodder 2014

Upcoming “Steampunk” Movies for 2014

Review - Ether Frolics by Paul Marlowe

Listen - Journey into Space, Part 1, by Steve Turnbull

Listen - Journey into Space, Part 2

Listen - Journey into Space, Part 3

Blog - Steampunk Fashion, Unique Clothing Design

Sean Maher is Guest of Honour at Steamposium 2014, Seattle, WA

5 Things You Didn't Know About Steampunk by Paul Di Filippo

Man specializes in turning mundane household items into steampunk works of art

19 Timeless Creations Found at the Steampunk World’s Fair

Indiegogo - TRIP TO THE MOON - A Short Steampunk Film based on the 1902 film by George Melies

Fashion - Steampunk Han Solo and Chewbacca

City Timeless Indiegogo Campaign, City will be a multiphase mixed use resort, catering to deep immersive experiences based on history and fantasy elements. Think Game of Thrones meets Dr. Who. Interactive, the storylines are designed to incorporate your individual character so that you can participate or just be a spectator, enjoying the splendor of a timeless environment ripe with fantastical sites and characters.

Review - Elements of Mind, by Walter H. Hunt, In Victorian India, a Scottish doctor, Dr. James Esdaile, finds a way to use the power of mesmerism to aid him in performing surgeries, using a remarkable artifact that enhances his abilities.

Petition to Obsidian Entertainment - Create an "Arcanum"-like RPG using the Pillars of Eternity Engine,

Author Feast Episode #53: Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris

Call for Submissions - Mocha Memoirs Press, Mocha Memoirs Press is pleased to announce that a new Steampunk anthology, Avast Ye Airships!, is open for submissions.

Steampunk Books Coming Out In July 2014

June 30 - July 6, 2014
Airship Ambassador Interview with Lev AC Rosen, author of All Men of Genius

Airship Ambassador interview with Dennis Consorte, part 2, Scrapyard Empire card game designer, and entrepreneur

Airship Ambassador interview with Dennis Consorte, part 3, Scrapyard Empire card game designer, and entrepreneur

Airship Ambassador interview with Dennis Consorte, part 4, Scrapyard Empire card game designer, and entrepreneur

Historic Recipe - Black Pudding, Here’s an old ranch recipe courtesy of Winkie Crigler, founder and curator of The Little House Museum in Greer, Arizona.


Historic Recipe - Worcester family cook book - 1895

Historic Recipe - 145 Year Old Bubble and Squeak, This is an original bubble and squeak recipe from "Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management" one of the classic English cookery books.

Historic Recipe - Small Layer Cake , from The Magic Cook Book

'Penny Dreadful' Costume Designer Gabriella Pescucci on Her Dreadfully Delicious Designs

Historic People - Harriet Beecher Stowe, an American author. She was best known for Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which helped galvanize the abolitionist cause and contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War. She also wrote poetry, essays, and non-fiction books.

Historic People - James McClintock, The Amazing (If True) Story of the Submarine Mechanic Who Blew Himself Up Then Surfaced as a Secret Agent for Queen Victoria

Historic People - Madam C.J. Walker, this daughter of former slaves transformed herself from an uneducated farm laborer and laundress into one of the twentieth century’s most successful, self-made women entrepreneurs.

Historic People - W.E.B. DuBois, "Father of Pan-Africanism" with issues of segregation, political disenfranchisement. Believed that people of African descent should work together to battle prejudice, inequality.

Historic People - Scott Joplin, Ragtime composer

Interviews with Susan Kaye Quinn, Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris

Steampunk Spaces on Pinterest

Ali Baba and the Clockwork Djinn review

Extremely Detailed Steampunk-Inspired Bronze Sculptures By Alain Bellino

Review - TESLA by Mark Lingane

Interview - Augusto Gintama Chiarle, author of The Cold Hell, Short Steampunk Story

Blog - The Benevolent Lodge of Mystery, Steampunk Scooby Doo?

Scooby Doo Wiki - The Benevolent Lodge of Mystery

Blog - Steamworks and Dragons – 5 d20 Steampunk Books

Steampunker under construction for iPad release this summer

Story Quest Spec Fic e-zine's 6th annual short story contest, this year's theme is trains. Submission Period: Opens August 1st, 2014; Deadline: October 31st, 2014.

June 23 - June 29, 2014
Airship Ambassador interview with Dennis Consorte, Scrapyard Empire card game designer, and entrepreneur

Airship Ambassador interview with author Jay Noel, part 2 talking about his book Dragonfly Warrior

Podcast – The RPG Room: Steampunk never had a chance!

Photo - Japaneese Street Fashion 6

Photo - Japaneese Street Fashion 7

Photo - Japaneese Street Fashion 8

Photo - Japaneese Street Fashion 9

Blog - Steampunk Junction, What the hell is steampunk, you ask?

Victorian Invention: Combined Bustle and Stool

History - Whaleback steamships, A whaleback was a type of cargo steamship with a hull that continuously curved above the waterline from vertical to horizontal. When fully loaded, only the rounded portion of the hull (the “whaleback” proper) could be seen above the waterline.

Big River Steampunk Art Competition - call for entries, Entries are now being accepted for the 2014 BIG RIVER STEAMPUNK ART COMPETITION in celebration of all things Steampunk – drawings, sculpture, oil paintings, pottery, woodcarving, fiber arts, photographs, articles of clothing, jewelry, and other original works of art

Art - The Negotiator by CaelynTek at deviantart.com

Art - Wwardwarf by Dr. Emporio Efikz

Watch - Adventures at the Steampunk Empire Symposium

Mainspring Reconsidered - in memory of Jay Lake by Mike Perschon

A Stellar Voyage: A Review of Terra Mechanica: A Steampunk Anthology

Listen - Tales from the Archives, Volume III: Five (Part Two), In this episode: Those Dark Satanic Mills — written and narrated by Suna Dasi

Watch - Felix vs. The Finale

Art - The War Mammoth, by MarkBulahao at Deviantart.com

June 16 - June 22, 2014
Airship Ambassador interview with author Jay Noel talking about his book Dragonfly Warrior

Art - Steam Amp One by AEvilMike at deviantart.com

Art - Steam Gryphon 2 by Dmitry Khristenko at deviantart.com

Art - Modern Steam Monobike 1896 by stefano1896 at deviantart.com

Art - Steampunk Alice Caterpillar by aurora-boredomalis at deviantart.com

Art - Hand of God by Dorian-Dupin at deviantart.com

Historic Recipes - Making The Tea Cakes Of The 1800s Vintage Recipe

Historic Recipes - English Victorian Scones

Historic Recipes - Hasty Pudding (cornbread) with Maple Syrup

Historic Recipes - English Breakfast Cookies

Historic Recipes - Eccles Cakes

Historic People - José Rizal, Filipino polymath, physician, nationalist, novelist, poet, liberator

Historic People - Hong Xiuquan history inspired China's Taiping Rebellion, perhaps the bloodiest civil war in human history

Historic People - Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, playwright, theatre director, co-founder of Moscow Art Theatre

Historic People - Allan Pinkerton, spy, founded the Pinkerton Agency, first detective agency in the United States

Historic People - Louis Daguerre, inventor of daguerreotype process of photography, chemist

Facebook Group - Steampunk and Funk, It has 3 goals: support member creations, show inspirational design, and support The Farm

Art by Choleena - June 14th is International Steampunk Day

Review of Gaia Chronicles: Genesis

Photo - Steampunk spotted as part of Japanese street fashion. @the_goth_man

Photo - Japaneese Street Fashion 2 @the_goth_man

Photo - Japaneese Street Fashion 3 @the_goth_man

Photo - Japaneese Street Fashion 4

Game developers stealing Steampunk Artwork

Salt City Steamfest announces guests

Teatro Zinzanni - When Sparks Fly, Teatro ZinZanni engages, transforms, educates and delights our audiences with a unique celebration of food, cirque, comedy and cabaret in an intimate live experience.

Watch - Steam Garden 7 trailer - Pirates of Persia,

Podcast series - Airshipwrecked with Captain Proctor, contains the latest steampunk music and nonsense from DJ Capt. Proctor and his anemic automaton co-host ATUM (Amazing Talking Useless Machine). The show is a throwback to classic radio

Podcast - Zen & The Art of Steampunk, four episodes,

Podcast series - Of Steam, Steel and Murder, A podcast presentation of our groups Skype based Role Playing game. Based on the FUDGE system by Evil Hat games, this campaign is a steam punk flavored mystery.

Podcast series - Fables of the Flying City, Learn how Ashe, a young woman from the streets of the flying city of Amperstam, and Tolban, a young man running from a dark secret, learn what it takes to be a member of the Aerial Guard!

June 9 - June 15, 2014
Open Call - Steampunk Originals, Volume 7

Art - Sarah Hunter Figurine by rvbhal at deviantart.com

Art - the Photonic Siphuncle Primary by JWKinseysArtifice at deviantart.com

Art - Aether Lamp Concept by AEvilMike at deviantart.com

Art - Steampunk Clock by Dmitry Khristenko at deviantart.com

Art - Le cube de l'industrie by ArtbugCarl at deviantart.com

Free Steampunk Music Downloads on Last.fm

Steel Legions – The Free Steampunk War Machine Game

A listing of free steampunk fonts

Twelve Steampunk Fonts

Steampunk Clock Calendar 2.8, An easy to use Yahoo! widget that allows you to view the current time and date, set alarms and sound notifications with minimum effort

Historic Recipes - 1800s Tea Cake Recipe, family recipe passed down through the years

Historic Recipes - Recipes from the 1800s

Historic Recipes - Seed Cake, 1861 recipe

Historic Recipes - Beef tea, Fever Water, and Bread-Crumb Pudding

Historic Recipes - Crispy Fried Cod Balls

How to Host a Victorian Tea Party

Historic People - Clara Barton, nurse, pioneer of the American Red Cross

Historic People - Sitting Bull, a leader of the Lakota

Historic People - Chief Joseph, a leader of the Nez Percé

Historic People - Elizabeth Kenny, Australian Nurse and found an Innovative Treatment of Polio

Historic People - Ranjit Singh, Maharaja of the Sikh Empire

Games - The Devil's Men, is an adventure game set a world made of steampunk elements amidst a fictitious Victorian England

Book Review: Etiquette and Espionage

Steam and Shadows, The Steampunk Files by Jonathan Yanez

Kickstarter - Scrapyard Empire: Strategic Card Game, Compete to craft machines and build inventions in this set collection, steampunk strategy game. Cards, dice & miniatures!

June 2 - June 8, 2014
Read - Lords of Aether, a gay steampunk serial

Free short story - THE ASSIGNMENT, by JohnSachu

Free short story - Defying Destiny, Chapter I, by AzraelSteel

Free short story - 26th Mission, by Rico.Viejo

Free short story - The Engineers Dream. Part one, by nessastardom

Free short story - The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor by Delia Sherman

May 26 - June 1, 2014
In memoriam. Rest in peace, now, Jay Lake

In memoriam. Donations can be made in Jay Lake's name

TOR.com's list of June Events

Author Interview: Elizabeth Watasin, Elizabeth Watasin is the acclaimed author of the Gothic steampunk series The Dark Victorian, The Elle Black Penny Dreads, and the creator/artist of the indie comics series Charm School, which was nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award.

Ten Minute Interviews: S.C. Barrus, author do Discovering Aberration

The Demons of Liberty Row - A New Boston Metaphysical Society Novella is now available On Kindle, Nook, Smashwords and DriveThruFiction

Caffeine Chemistry: Steampunk Glass Balloon Coffee Maker, a DIY Vacuum-style coffee maker

Watch - Loops by Amber States, steampunk themed music video

Art - Steampunk K-9 (Doctor Who)

See - Joben Bistro, a steampunk themed bistro in Cluj?Napoca, Romania

Steampunk.com's listing of steampunk short stories

Listen - Black Magic at Podiobooks.com. a new short story by Dan Shaurette, a prequel to his upcoming novel, BLACK CITY. Capt. Matt Black and Dr. Andrew MacGillivray are a pair of paranormal private eyes hot on the trail of someone — or something — killing women during the raucous 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Listen - Tales from the Archive, Volume One at Podiobooks.com. By Philippa Ballantine , and Tee Morris, a collection of original steampunk short stories set in the world of their award-winning series, The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.

Listen - The Gearheart at Podiobooks.com. By Alex White. Jonathan Andrews, Initiate in the Seekers of the Arcane Unknown, joined the society two years ago with the hopes of protecting the secrets of magic from the greedy world beyond. However, a ravening shadow appears with a hunger for Seekers and Jonathan finds himself out of his depth.

Listen - The Shadow of Black Wings at Podiobooks.com. by James Calbraith , narrated by Kate Sherrod. It is the Sixteenth Year of Queen Victoria. In the powerful empire of Dracaland, Bran, a young dragon rider, joins his father on a military expedition to the mysterious lands of the Orient.

Listen - The Wizard That Wasn't: Mechanized Wizardry Book 1 at Podiobooks.com. By Ben Rovik. Horace Lundin doesn’t believe in magic. The Petronaut technician works with steel and steam in the workshop, maintaining the mechanical suits of armor his masters wear. There’s nothing magic can do that technology can’t do better. So he thinks, until he witnesses the power of wizardry first-hand.

Short Story - The Undead by Austin Sirkin, a steampunk horror short story

Short Story - The Shattered Teacup by George Mann. PDF file. A Maurice Newbury Investigation

Short Story - Maker of Flight,by Richard Thomas. 1st Place Winner of the "Enter the World of Filaria" Contest

Short Story - The Steampunk Proposal, by Mae Pen

Read - Tales from Nimbus, free short stories by B.J. Keeton

Read - Nimbus, Part 1, free Kindle ebook, by Austin King and B.J. Keeton

Listen to steampunk stories at Radio Drama Revival, several stories with a steampunk setting

Listen - Steam Dreamers of Inverness Part 1, a Jack Flanders story from ZBS. Jack, Mojo and Claudine discover a strange device in the old Victorian mansion of Inverness; a holographic projector that operates on steam. The projector is loaded with glass slides, as they whirl around, a black & white photographic image is projected into the center of the room. The photo is of a town set in Victorian times. As they watch, different slides slip into the machine; they’re now seeing people, horses, and carriages; the men wear top hats, the women bustles. High above, hovering over the town, is a gigantic zeppelin.

5 Forgotten 'Steampunk' Stories from the 1800s (that are free online!)

Read - The Strange and Alarming Courtship of Miss Imogen Roth by Emma Jane Holloway. free online story. the third prequel story to Emma Jane Holloway's A STUDY IN SILKS, the first book in her Baskerville Affair series.

German Steampunk Stories for FREE

Blog - STEAMPUNK IS MY GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD, Guest post by author and editor Paul Genesse

Read - Sparks and Dark, by Kate Morrow, a free online short story

Online Game - Crazy Steam Bros, a retro-style horizontal shooter with a humorous steampunk twist. Guide two brothers as they try to save the world from the evil baron who has unleashed an army of mechanized terrors.

Online Game - Steampunk Rally, Drive a steam powered bike through the side scrolling levels, balance and jump your way safely to the finish. Unlock different vehicles on the road to success.

Online Game - Steampunk, Your objective is to place the good heroes to the saving surface, and to throw the villains out of the screen. Remove objects in a particular order to get the good pentagonal characters onto solid ground, while knocking the bad pentagons off the screen. ***Addictive***

Online Game - Steamlands, Destroy tanks and rebuild your own tank in this action packed RTS from pixel wizards Nitrome!

Online Game - Gears, Fix machines by hooking gears together.

Read - Orphans of the Celestial Sea by Mark Fenger. 22 chapters in all.

Reviews of Steampunk Audio Books on Books for Ears

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