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April 8, 2019 – April 14, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Ancient By: mtgpdude361

Blog - Who Killed Steampunk?

Watch - How To Make Steampunk Shoulder Armor. EVA Foam Armor Templates for Steampunk Costume Ideas

Photos – Steampunk Makers at Maker Faire at Holly Hill Mall, North Carolina

In Pictures: Goths (and steampunks) descend on Whitby

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek actor Joe Taslim @Joe_Taslim?

Historic Cook Book – Woman's Wisdom, A Collection of Choice Recipes, 1890

Art - Steampunk Rust Clock by Diarment

Cosplay - Steamposium2016-SAT-377 by VonRC

Watch - BRASS: The Kinesigraph , The Brass Family meet the inventor of a motion picture camera, and each family member wants a say in the future of the new medium.

April 1, 2019 – April 7, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – steampunk armor By: gages

Games - Vaporum To Get A Signature Edition For Nintendo Switch

Games – Steampunk shooter on wheels Pressure Overdrive coming to Nintendo Switch this April

DIY - The Homebrew Steampunk Laptop v2

Steampunk first-person survival game 'Volcanoids' has gone through a small evolution (Upgrade) @volcanoids

What #steampunk persona would you create for Lost in Space actor Parker Posey @parkerposey?

Historic Cook Book - The people's cook book. Being a collection of nearly one thousand valuable cooking recipes , 1882

Cosplay - “Steampunk 56”

Watch - Dining with the Devil - Adventures of the League of STEAM

3D Printing – Steampunk Figure by Clockwork_Nerf_Mods

March 25 – March 31, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunker By: HarmonyPlays

Read with @GailCarriger - The Great Parasolverse Read Along ~ Changeless Extras

Flooding forces the first-ever Big River Steampunk Spring Faire to move

The past meets the future at Timeless with owner Steve Timcak in Fort Myers

BrickUniverse brings LEGO art to Lebanon, Tennessee with artist Paul Hetherington

What #steampunk persona would you create for Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista @DaveBautista?

Historic Cook Book - The Mendelssohn club cook book. This book contains 1394 valuable receipts with instructions for cooking and serving them, also menus for social functions, 1909

Cosplay - Steampunk Brigitte by Anastasya Zelenova

Watch - Felix vs Alcohol where Felix thinks there was something in his drink

3D Printing - Netherforge Badger King (28mm/Heroic scale) by DutchMogul

March 18 – March 24, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Savages By: DragonLord77

Cirque du Soleil returns to Australia with Kurios

Lamplight City Game Author Announces Rosewater Adventure Western

Kinetic Art Exhibit “Simply Steampunk” Opens at Morris Museum (New Jersey)

The Story Of The SynTesla Steampunk Synthesizer

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Crossing actor Natalie Martinez @nataliemartinez?

Historic Cook Book – Valuable Cooking Receipts, 1880

Cosplay - Steamposium2016-SAT-353 by VonRC

Art - The Gambit by AJ Corza

Watch - All Things Victorian - 012 - Treasures from Grandma's Attic, pt.1

March 11 – March 17, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Gun Slinger By: JMDraco

Listen – Sage and Savant, Episode 308: A Friend in Need , Doctor Sage undertakes a series of tests without the knowledge of her two closest friends.

Artist Encases Incredibly Detailed Miniature Worlds Inside Antique Pocket Watches

Tim Pratt Reviews The People’s Republic of Everything by Nick Mamatas, which includes steampunk story -Arbeitskraft -

Greerton Village a hit with 2019 Greerton Village Fayre Vintage, Retro and Steampunk event

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek/Thor/Pacific Rim actor Idris Elba @idriselba?

Historic Cook Book – One Thousand Favorite Recipes, 1908

Photo - Steampunk by Silvermores

Art - Girocopter by ImpsAndThings

Cosplay - Steamposium2016-SAT-358 by VonRC

March 4, 2019 – March 10, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Contraption By: R_L_N

Gameathon: Exploration is the heart of Sunless Skies

Game - Victoriana – A Steampunk Text Adventure

Here Are Five Steampunk USB Flash Drives You Simply Can’t Ignore

Kickstarter – Steampunk Warlords, a 1v1 3 character squad Arena PVP centered mobile game , There are 12 unique steampunk heroes to choose from. Each hero has their own set of abilities and multiple avenues to enhance stats to allow for truly deep squad customization. Ends March 31

What #steampunk persona would you create for Lost in Space actor Molly Parker @TheMollyParker?

Historic Cook Book – The Mansfield Cook Book, 1890

Photo – Steam Punk by Oskar Taza

Art - Dimensional Analysis Engine 14 by AEvilMike

Art – Steampunk Goggles by illustratorg

February 25, 2019 – March 3, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Slythe, the Obtainer By: SteampunkDragon

Watch - Profundum Steampunk Game Launch Trailer

Leeds steampunk market in pictures

From tragedy rises Colorado Springs artist's fantasy world

15 Smart Ideas to Style Up Your Steampunk Bedroom

What #steampunk persona would you create for Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt @prattprattpratt?

Historic Cook Book – The Homemade Cook Book, 1885

Photo – The Lieutenant by Robert Cornelius @rcorneliusphoto

Art – Clockwork Background by illustratorg

Art - Easley's Airship

February 18, 2019 – February 24, 2019
Steampunk Hands Around the World 2019 – This is Me. Share your story this year

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk's Clock By: lukepuppy765

Games - Profundum - a new Virtual Reality adventure game set in a steampunk universe

Starburst Magazine Review – Steampunk FAQ by Dr. Mike Perschon

SyFy Bartow (Ohio): Another world in this small town

What #steampunk persona would you create for Krypton actor Andrea Vasiliou @AndieVasiliou?

Historic Cook Book – The Princeton Cook Book, 1909

Photo – Fabio Steampunk by Tino Serraiocco

Art - Pure Steam Steam Harvester by 47ness

Art - Elizabeth's Starchaser Airship

February 11, 2019 – February 17, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Pyromancer By: TAMALEBOI

Steampunk Hands Around the World 2019 – This is Me. Share your story this year

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Lady By: lukepuppy765

Kickstarter - The Alchemists Audiobook and Soundtrack by JM Bannon, JM Bannon's steampunk thrillers come to audiobook and packs your ears with alchemy fueled thrills and an original soundtrack. Ends March 10

MG Steampunk/Fantasy Review of Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

What #steampunk persona would you create for Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo?

Photo – Saija Sasetar Steam Hellsinki by Toni Neffling

Historic Cook Book – The Fredonia Cook Book, 1899

Art - Steampunk Clock XXVII by Diarment

Sculpture - Zack's Dominus Airship

February 4, 2019 – February 10, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Junk Migration By: SteampunkDragon

Steampunk Hands Around the World 2019 – This is Me. Share your story this year

Games – Steampunk Arena, A new 4X 2P turn based game headed for kickstarter sometime early 2019. @steampunkarena

Artist welcome Steampunk animal statues from scrap metal

Kickstarter - The Fantastic Voyage of the R.S.V. Conch - A Steampunk Comic, Expedition notes from the infamous VonKlank submersible team

What #steampunk persona would you create for Krypton actor India Mullen @_indiamullen?

Historic Cook Book – The Graded Cook Book, 1888

Photo - Suraja by Jan Kooreman

Photo – Try to Fly by Bernd Bennertz

Sculpture - Dylan's Zepher Airship

January 28, 2019 – February 3, 2019
Steampunk Hands Around the World 2019 – This is Me. Share your story this year

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk magic blades By: Blackwing54

Revamped Steampunk themed Mιga Parc at Quebec City Mall Reopens

In Situ Science Podcast - Steampunk themed scientific learning space for all ages at U. of New England

Kickstarter - Boston Metaphysical Society: The Spirit of Rebellion, Caitlin flees to Philadelphia only to discover a ghost, a rebellion, and perhaps, her destiny.

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek/Thor actor Chris Hemsworth @chrishemsworth?

Historic Cook Book – The Ideal Cook Book, 1889

Photo – Steampunk Lady by Bernd Bennertz

Art - The Illuminationist by SusanSchroderArts

Sculpture - Mariska's Valkyrie Airship

January 21, 2019 – January 27, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk blaze master By: Blackwing54

Instructables – Steampunk VFD Clock by Leander Lavendel

Games - Steampunk Otome Game, Steam Prison comes to PC this Valentine’s Day

Emerald Coast Krewe of Airship Pirates to host Milton (Florida) Mardi Gras parade

Review - Mortal Engines fails to get into gear – Why?

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek Discovery actor Clare McConnell @frecklegalaxy?

Historic Cook Book – The Negley Cook Book, 1898

Photo - Steampunk by Blanca Martinez Ribes

Art - Steampunk Stormtrooper by ImpsAndThings

3D Printing – Steampunk Box by Alphones Marcel

January 14, 2019 – January 20, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Cyclist By: Genesis2

Instructables – Steampunk Lamp, The Eye of Ra by The Chocolatist

Games – Machina Arcana – Pre-order/Late Pledge the tabletop Steampunk and Lovecraftian horror game

Super Steampunk Pinball 2D (PC) Review

Artwork – Sunday Postcard Art – Steampunk Sampler

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Haves and the Have Nots actor Philip Boyd @philipkboyd?

Historic Cook Book – The Exchange Cook Book, 1892

Photo – Sounds Beat by Silvestru Popescu

Art - Dimensional Analysis Engine 15 by AEvilMike

3D Printing – Ripper's London – The Factory

January 7, 2019 – January 13, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk mech maker By: Blackwing54

Instructables – Glowing Steampunk Flash Drive by Moonlight Maker

Games - Steampunk and Lovecraftian horror combine in the excellent Machina Arcana (2019 edition)

Games – Revisiting Castle Falkenstein

Podcast – The Texas Steampunk Connection, My Earthling and Me Episode 1 - The Abduction

What #steampunk persona would you create for Lost in Space actor Mina Sundwall @MinaSundwall?

Historic Cook Book – The Up to Date Cook Book of Tested Recipes, 1897

Photo - Steampunk by Tatiana Quetzal

19th Century Games - Victorian Games

23 Fantastical Steampunk LEGO Builds Designed From Scratch

December 31, 2018 – January 6, 2019
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk drone By: Blackwing54

Instructables – Steampunk Candle by CalenMaethor

Whitby prepares for return of popular Steampunk Weekend

6 Womens Steampunk Clothing Showcases From Popular Tv Series

Meet Gail Carriger Friday 1/18 in Seattle at the University Bookstore, in the U District

What #steampunk persona would you create for Wonder Woman actor Saοd Taghmaoui @SaidTaghmaoui?

Historic Cook Book – Recipes Tried and True, 1894

Photo – The Time Collector by Frames Trap

19th Century Games - 29 Games Nobody Plays Anymore

LEGO Steampunk Walking Ship (Strandbeest)

December 24, 2018 – December 30, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk gas master By: Blackwing54

Art and tech - Steampunk Themed water cooled computer

5 Best Dressed Male Steampunk Characters in Games

Steampunk meets zombies: A review of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Sinology Sunday: Chen Man’s Chinese steampunk

What #steampunk persona would you create for Krypton actor Alexis Raben @raalextwit?

Historic Cook Book – Eureka Cook Book, 1907

Photo – Steampunk Motor by Brian Blake

Art - Pure Steam Steam Dragon by 47ness

Have you read You Only Love Twice (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy) by Bec McMaster? With the clock ticking down, the Company of Rogues must find a deadly killer and stop them from assassinating the Queen... before London burns

December 17, 2018 – December 23, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Rifle Piece By: CaptainJoGro

Mortal Engines: Film Review – A Rousing Tale of Steampunk Dystopia

Crafting - Steampunk Wreath Card

Pics - A Rustic, Steampunk, Fairytale Wedding in Germany

Inside the groundbreaking, very not-steampunk Mortal Engines design and visual effects

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Haves and the Have Nots actor Jon Chaffin @jonchaffin?

Historic Cook Book – Monarch Cook Book, 1906

Photo - Nautilus by Manami Ishii @fujiko_camera

Art - Steampunk Clock V Cavorite by Diarment

Have you read Peppermint and Pentacles (Steampunk Red Riding Hood Volume 3) by Melanie Karsak ? Up on the housetop werewolves howl, Out jumps good old Agent Louvel, Down through the chimney chasing monsters quick, Feeling far less jolly than Old Saint Nick

December 10, 2018 – December 16, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Rifle By: CaptainJoGro

Volcanoids - Steampunk Survival Game with Mobile Bases

To Survive, Red Dead Online Needs To Go Steampunk

Mortal Engines Actresses Celebrate Multidimensional Female Roles

Steampunk Fantasy Anime KURAYUKABA Seeks Crowdfunding

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek Discovery actor Jayne Brook @ActressJayneB?

Historic Cook Book - Us Two Cook Book containing tested recipes for two persons, 1909

Photo - Steampunk Exterieur Jean Francois by Vinceinpix @vinceinpix

3D Printing – Steampunk Mech by Mylotian

Have you read The Necronists by J.M. Bannon? Rose and Dolly head to the distant Colorado Territory, U.S.A. In a remodeled airship, following clues about the Necronists

December 3, 2018 – December 9, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Rifle Piece By: CaptainJoGro

A Radical History of the World review: Seeking a steampunk revolution

Mortal Engines Peter Jackson interview: I don't like depressing dystopian films

St Andrew’s Church in Heckington gets ‘steam’ cleaned

Game – Steampunk Name Generator

Photo - 03 by Oskar Taza

What #steampunk persona would you create for Genius/Wonder Woman actor Ulli Ackermann @Ulli_Ackermann?

Historic Cook Book - Marion Harland's cook book of tried and tested recipes, 190x

Art - Lamplighter by ImpsAndThings

Have you read Blood and Steam by Jamie Sedgwick?

November 26, 2018 – December 2, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk Rifle Piece By: CaptainJoGro

Games trailer – Volcanoids - a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. Explore a volcanic island, operating giant drills and enduring eruptions triggered by a mechanical race of beings.

Gail Carriger’s third Custard Protocol book has Merlion-inspired shenanigans in a steampunk Singapore

Review-Skycircus by Peter Bunzl (Book Three of the Cogheart Series)

Steampunk sleigh totes Santa through Mad Hatter Parade

Photo – Steampunk Exterieur Jean Francois by Vinceinpix @vinceinpix

What #steampunk persona would you create for Krypton actor Wallis Day @wallisday?

Historic Cook Book – Tested Recipe Cook Book, 1895

Art - Here Comes Mr Gaoler by SusanSchroderArts

3D Printing – Steampunk Cross by Mag-net

November 19, 2018 – November 25, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk blaze dragoon By: Blackwing54

Listen – Clockwork Cabaret podcast, Episode 494, Post Turkey Malaise @clockwrkcabaret

Games-Embark On A Steampunk-Inspired Journey In Award-Winning ‘Steamburg’, A Unique Puzzle Exploration Adventure

Watch and listen – Steampunk Blizzard, by Daniel Nelson, delivers motoric rhythms and industrial feel, chief conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali.

Go Fund Me – Supporting makers James and Sara Neathery after James fractured his foot, requiring surgery and unable to work for a while

Photo - Steampunk by Francesco Riccio

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Gifted actor Jermaine Rivers @JermaineRivers?

Historic Cook Book – The Muskegon Cook Book of Tested Receipts, 1890

Art - AEthereal One Speakers with the DEUXamp by AEvilMike

Have you read Tinker's War by Jamie Sedgwick? Steam technology and spring-powered engines have evolved since the discovery of Blackrock Steel, and Vangars, barbarian warriors in massive airships are determined to learn the secrets of Blackrock Steel at any cost

November 12, 2018 – November 18, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk gas master By: Blackwing54

Blog - Finding Steampunk on Screen (and Elsewhere)

Shakespeare meets deco-punk: Athenian Players present steampunk-art deco version of Hamlet

Makeup artist wins big at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Vancouver’s Battle of the Brushes

Why is this octopus wearing a top hat? Because it's always been that way.

Photo - Untitled by Diana Lipkina

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek Discovery actor Oyin Oladejo @OyinOladejo?

Historic Cook Book – Boston Receipts, 1876

Have you read The Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson: An Occult Steampunk Thriller by J.M. Bannon? A murder has more twists than alleys of Whitechapel and would end in the discovery of a dark family secret

Art - Pure Steam Ironclad Maritime Warship by 47ness

November 5, 2018 – November 11, 2018
Kickstarter - Munchkin Steampunk: Girl Genius by Steve Jackson Games, ends Nov 21. Steve Jackson and Phil Foglio bring the award-winning comic to Munchkin!

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk titan By: Blackwing54

Watch - A Sub-aquatic Steampunk Extravaganza Was Held At The Submarine Museum In Gosport

Merging past and future: steampunk and table games

Gaming - GURPS Steampunk 2: Steam and Shellfire

Photo – Elfia 2017 by Johan Kusters

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Haves and the Have Nots actor Patrick Faucette @patrickfaucette?

Historic Cook Book – Choice Receipts, 1875

Have you read The Tinkerer's Daughter by Jamie Sedgwick? Follow the adventures of a young elven girl in a time of war, surrounded by ancient forgotten technologies and magic

Art - Steampunk Clock III by Diarment

October 29, 2018 – November 4, 2018
TeslaCon West Convention Slated for Seattle, 2020

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk flame wielder By: Blackwing54

Open position - Springfield Vermont Steampunk Festival Coordinator - with a stipend

World of Warcraft's 8.2 patch will take players to a steampunk android gnome city

Review - The First Subaquatic Steampunk Weekend in Gosport

Gift Idea - The Armsmith Extra (Tephra Expansion) From Cracked Monocle, introducing Munition crafting, shield forging, and turret building for your Armsmith! Filled with 16 specialties and 57 augments

Gift Idea - Dragon Tea Set 8 Pieces made with Premium Quality Chinese Yixing Purple Clay - Teapot (400ml - 14Oz) + Lid + 6 Cups - 100% Hand-Made

Gift Idea - April and the Extraordinary World, Blu-ray, A family of scientists is on the brink of a powerful discovery when a mysterious force suddenly abducts them, leaving their young daughter April behind. Years later, April carries on her family's research in secret with her cat, Darwin, but soon finds herself at the center of a shadowy conspiracy and on the run from government agents, bicycle-powered airships and cyborg rat spies!

Gift Idea - White Coconut Crθme Tea - Award Winning, Immerse yourself into a cup of this dreamy tropical infusion! Delivers a sweet and soothing balance of coconut and is great hot, iced or as a dessert tea.

Gift Idea - Fiendish Schemes by K.W. Jeter – Audiobook, read by Justine Eyre.

Have you read Alphas and Airships (Steampunk Red Riding Hood) (Volume 2) by Melanie Karsak? While airship pirates are a common plague upon the kingdom, the airship Fenrir proves particularly troublesome--especially on a full moon

Have you read Clockwork Alchemist by Sara C Roethle? An alchemist’s automaton daughter, relies on a thief, a wayward detective, and a mysterious masked man to find the alchemist's murderer

Have you read Aetheric Elements: Th Rise of a Steampunk Reality by Travis Sivart? This anthology of nineteen tales of terror, mystery, and adventure takes you into Travis Sivart's weird and wonderful world, and guides you along the changing timeline from steampunk to epic fantasy

Have you read Clockwork Scoundrels by E.W. Pierce? Melanie Locke, the captain of a run-down airship, has never been short on luck, hers is just always bad or worse. Now, a passenger carries a secret, one that some very powerful people are anxious to get back.

Have you read Skykeep by Joseph Lallo? Chronicles of the adventures of Nita and her crew as they continue to clash with the twisted figures who control the destiny of a continent.

Art - Steampunk Clock IV by Diarment

Art - Pure Steam Steam Tank by 47ness

Art - Steampunk Necklace Wings by xxPreciousMomentsxx

Art - DeuxAmp PreAmp 01 by AEvilMike

Art - Explorer by ImpsAndThings

October 22, 2018 – October 28, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk factory By: Blackwing54

Netflix 'Amazing Interiors' Steampunk Wonderland Episode 8 features Bruce Rosenbaum's home and workshop @BruceRosenbaum

Writing Course - Hex Engines & Spell-Slingers: Write Steampunk/Weird Western @Catrambo

Games - Hopeless, Maine tabletop RPG, written by Keith Healing, based on the award-winning graphic novel series by Tom and Nimue Brown. It’s a quirky, tentacle-y Lovecraftian setting, taking place on a misty, beshadowed island off the coast of Maine. @GothicalTomB

Press Release - Boston Metaphysical Society Releases First Novel by Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Gift Idea - Mementos (Tephra Luck Expansion) From Cracked Monocle, Everybody's got a lucky item with significance to them, and that significance weaves the item with the person's luck.

Gift Idea - Necco Wafers - Tropical Flavors Provided by Old Time Candy, original candy wafers in 8 tropical flavors - coconut, passion fruit, strawberry, lime, banana and mango

Gift Idea - Turkish Tea Set for 6 - Glasses with Brass Holders Lids Saucers Tray & Glass Spoons

Gift Idea - Wild Wild West, Complete Second Season, Relive the heroic adventures of 1870s Secret Service Agents James West and Artemus Gordon

Gift Idea - Mim Special Darjeeling First Flush Organic Oolong Tea, Discover sweet succulent notes of fresh fruits, flora and honey which finish on a long lingering note.

What #steampunk persona would you create for Wonder Woman Ann Ogbomo @annogbomo?

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Haves and the Have Nots actor Kristian Kordula @kkordula1?

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek Discovery actor Mary Chieffo @marythechief?

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Gifted actor Blair Redford @Blair_Redford?

What #steampunk persona would you create for Krypton actor Ann Ogbomo @annogbomo?

Historic Cook Book - Mackenzie's five thousand receipts : in all the useful and domestic arts : constituting a complete practical library, 1854

Historic Cook Book - Farrell & co's receipts, 1876

Historic Cook Book – Dedham Receipts, 1871

Historic Cook Book – Home Messenger Book of Tested Receipts, 1873

Historic Cook Book - A choice collection of tested receipts, with a chapter on preparation of food for the sick, 1897

October 15, 2018 – October 21, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk samurai By: Blackwing54

Peter Jackson and Co. brought the first 25 minutes of Mortal Engines to NYCC, and it's time to get seriously excited (Spoilers)

Steampunk mini-festival set for SteelStacks (Pennsylvania, USA)

Game - Lamplight City brings detective fiction into a 19th century steampunk universe

Comics – Newbury and Hobbes : The Undying, George Mann brings his hit steampunk mystery novels to comics for their 10th anniversary

Gift Idea - Explosives! (Tephra Expansion) From Cracked Monocle, a 32 page supplement to the science and skill for more explosive augments than you'll ever need, and new ways to use them

Gift Idea - Necco Wafers - Assorted Flavors Provided by Old Time Candy, 2oz roll, original candy wafers in 8 flavors - lemon, lime, orange, clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice, and chocolate

Gift Idea - Wormwood Leaf Absinthe Spoon

Gift Idea - Steampunk Butterfly Bronze Finish Trinket Box Stash Box

Gift Idea – Howl's Moving Castle, Blu-ray, The vain and vengeful Witch of the Waste puts a curse on Sophie and turns her into a 90-year-old woman. On a quest to break the spell, Sophie climbs aboard Howl’s magnificent moving castle and into a new life of wonder and adventure

Photo - Steampunk by Alberto Alcantara

Photo – Study in Steampunk Headshots by James Shinn

Photo - Elfia by Johan Kusters

Photo - Untitled by Diana Lipkina

Photo - Steampunk by Ilkka Kyllonen

3D Printing - Barrel Golem by DutchMogul

3D Printing - Captain Nemo's Underwater Gun Designed by ronagoldberg

3D Printing - Walking Robot EV-V3 by TheEv

3D Printing - Steampunk clothes hanger by Trancewave

3D Printing - Sir Occulum Tanberry by DutchMogul

October 8, 2018 – October 14, 2018
Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk death bringer By: Blackwing54

The New Mortal Engines Trailer Is Gorgeous And Epic

Lego Product Idea - Steampunk Airship Pegasus

5 Things to Know before getting your Steampunk Tattoo

Wallpaper background image – Steampunk Planetarium

Gift Idea - The Great Airship Robbery (Tephra Adventure) From Cracked Monocle, The airship Intrepid needs to fight off the lost Dragoons and their flying mechanical mounts

Gift Idea - Stick Candy – Watermelon Provided by Old Time Candy, Set of 80 individually wrapped old fashioned Stick Candy

Gift Idea - Turkish Moroccan Indian Tea Set for Six - Glasses with Brass Holders Lids Saucers Tray, Tea Cups, Tea Servers

Gift Idea - The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec , Blu-ray, A 136 million-year old pterodactyl egg, housed in the Natural History Museum, has mysteriously hatched, unleashing a prehistoric monster onto the Parisian streets. Adele finds a connection with the ancient bird and reveals extraordinary surprises

Gift Idea - Aztec Spice Tea, Spice up your palate with this rich, exotic blend of cinnamon drenched chocolate, elevated gently by the warming kick of spicy chili flakes and grounded by the rich, earthy character of our favorite pu-erh tea.

Have you read Wolves and Daggers (Steampunk Red Riding Hood) (Volume 1) by Melanie Karsak? When London's brightest tinkers and alchemists come up missing, Red Cape Society Agent Clemeny Louvel is on the case.

Have you read Mission: Improper (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy) (Volume 1) by Bec McMaster? Three years ago, London society changed forever, with a revolution placing the widowed Queen firmly on the throne her blue blood husband tried to take from her. Humans, verwulfen and mechs are no longer considered the lesser classes, but not everybody is happy with the new order

Have you read The Sunken (Engine Ward) (Volume 1) by S C Green ? In the heart of London lies the Engine Ward, a district forged in coal and steam, where the great Engineering Sects vie for ultimate control of the country.

Have you read The Clockwork Witch by Michelle D Sonnier? The seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, Arabella is destined to disappoint, when she was expected to shine. she discovers an unnatural affinity for technomancy. Not only are the mysteries of the mechanical world open to her, but her new-found ability allows her to manipulate them, making her the first ever clockwork witch

Have you read Free-Wrench by Joseph R. Lallo? The islands of Caldera are a shining jewel in a rather bleak world. A terrible calamity in the past had blanketed much of the world with a toxic "fug." Those who survived were forced to take to the mountains and the skies in wondrous airships. Life has since been a struggle, with only the most ruthless and crafty able to survive.

Art - Steampunk Clock VI by Diarment

Art - Mr Lunger's Splendiferous Stovepipe by 47ness

Art - Steampunk Ring Sun by xxPreciousMomentsxx

Art - Aether Lamp Concept by AEvilMike

Art - Professor's Patented Steampowered Perambulator by ImpsAndThings

October 1, 2018 – October 7, 2018
The Steampunk Society in Florence, Colorado, will host "Fall into Steampunk and Wine" on Oct. 13

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk gear minion By: Blackwing54

Read @DocPerschon 30 Day Steampunk Challenge – lots of good steampunk resources and people are mentioned

Mortal Engines trailer: London is an EVIL predator city in Peter Jackson steampunk epic

Magic Leap Teaser for Dr. Grordbort's Invaders Previews Forthcoming Release

Gift Idea - The Golden Bandit & other Rangston Adventures (Tephra Adventure) PDF From Cracked Monocle. It's a wild west trading town with inventors, creators, and crazies - Welcome to Rangston!

Gift Idea - Stick Candy – Green Apple Provided by Old Time Candy, Set of 80 individually wrapped old fashioned Stick Candy

Gift Idea - La Fee Verte Absinthe Tumbler

Gift Idea – Wild Wild West, Complete First Season, Relive the heroic adventures of 1870s Secret Service Agents James West and Artemus Gordon

Gift Idea - Maharani Chai Spiced Oolong Tea, a unique variety of Indian oolong tea with leaves of cardamom, and spices like cinnamon, cloves along with black pepper. The liquor leaves a hint of spiciness as a aftertaste along with clonal character of a classic Darjeeling oolong

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Haves and the Have Nots actor Tyler Lepley @TyLepley?

What #steampunk persona would you create for Wonder Woman actor Robin Wright @RealRobinWright?

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Inhumans actor Aaron Hendry @loudmouthtarzan?

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek Discovery actor Sara Mitich @SaraMitich?

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Gifted actor Percy Hynes White @PercyHWhite?

Historic Cook Book - The husbandman and housewife: a collection of valuable recipes and directions, relating to agriculture and domestic economy, 1820

Historic Cook Book - The helping hand: a collection of rare and valuable recipes comp. from entirely reliable and authentic sources, 1873

Historic Cook Book - The people's friend: a new and valuable compendium of miscellaneous and domestic receipts, 1859

Historic Cook Book - Mackenzie's ten thousand receipts, in all the useful and domestic arts, 1867

Historic Cook Book - 600 miscellaneous valuable receipts, worth their weight in gold, 1860

September 24, 2018 – September 30, 2018
Listen to Tales of Sage and Savant, Episode 302: Desperate Measures, With Cunningham determined to stay put in the past, the Doctor and Abigail pull out the stops to change his mind. Even if this doesn’t work, Dr. Sage has other (less conventional) ideas

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk harvester By: Blackwing54

Games - Sunless Skies, A Victorian Gothic adventure, given January 31 2019 release date

Film Review: The House With A Clock In Its Walls

Press Release - Steampunk FAQ Book by Dr. Mike Perschon

Gift Idea - Tephra: the Steampunk RPG – PDF From Cracked Monocle, the award-winning Clockwork Roleplaying System and a ton of lore and art that makes Tephra a fan-favorite

Gift Idea - Stick Candy – Rum and Butter Provided by Old Time Candy, Set of 80 individually wrapped old fashioned Stick Candy

Gift Idea - BEEM Rebecca III, Stainless Steel Samovar, 5 Liters, Silver

Gift Idea - Project Itoh: Empire of Corpses, Dr. Frankenstein's work creates a new class of workers but not everyone is happy

Gift Idea - Velvet Tea, Sweet enticing chocolate swimming in a deep velvety base of organic rooibos and refreshing mint leaves. The perfect answer to a dessert tea. The finish is smooth, complimented by a touch of vanilla.

Photo - Punked by Christian Seidlitz @seidchr

Photo – Dragon Lady by Meg Cumming

Photo – Steampunk Woman by Jose Dallanese

Photo - Steampunk by Susan H

Photo - Spunk by Zoran Dragojevic

3D Printing - Steamed Fish by DutchMogul

3D Printing - SteamPunk Batwings by fergal_kelly

3D Printing - Steampunk Chess Individual pieces by Davedwin

3D Printing - Steampunk Rally Box Insert by reverman

3D Printing - Octopus

September 17, 2018 – September 23, 2018
Blog - THE JOSEON FASHION SHOW – LEE SOON EDITION PART 7 The Red Hunting Robe, for your Korean steampunk outfit

Listen – Audio Drama, Sink with me By Jonas Tintenseher

Listen to The Tales of Sage and Savant, Episode 301: Chickens Come Home to Roost, Dr Sage is forced to confront the situation with Cunningham, as she hides his deteriorating body in a closet. Will she let him die, and if so, what will happen to his conscious mind back in Antwerp?

Custom card for Magic: The Gathering – Steampunk City by UltraWeebMaster

Listen - DamageControlPodcasting Episode 39: 5th Annual Big River Steampunk Festival

Gift Idea - Brass & Steel: The Curse of Althan-Ya PDF From Pamean Games, characters are recruited into a dangerous race against a dastardly Austrian archaeologist to find a lost tomb

Gift Idea - Stick Candy – Root Beer Provided by Old Time Candy, Set of 80 individually wrapped old fashioned Stick Candy

Gift Idea - Traditional Japanese Tea Kettle Iron Teapot Gift Set Cast 7 Piece Teacup Set with Trivet Stand Tray and Stainless Steel Strainer Tea Pot with Infuser

Gift Idea – Tai Chi Hero, Lu Chan is still trying to find his place in Chen Village, which still stands in the shadow of danger

Gift Idea - Avaata Frost Nilgiri Winter Organic White Tea, A splendid white tea which offers savoury hints of sugarcane, sweet fruits and a slight buttery smoothness

Have you read - A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway? In a Victorian era ruled by a council of ruthless steam barons, mechanical power is the real monarch and sorcery the demon enemy of the Empire. Nevertheless, the most coveted weapon is magic that can run machines—something Evelina has secretly mastered. But rather than making her fortune, her special talents could mean death or an eternity as a guest of Her Majesty’s secret laboratories. What’s a polite young lady to do but mind her manners and pray she’s never found out?

Have you read - The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman? Irene is a professional spy for the mysterious Library, a shadowy organization that collects important works of fiction from all of the different realities. Most recently, she and her enigmatic assistant Kai have been sent to an alternative London. Their mission: Retrieve a particularly dangerous book. The problem: By the time they arrive, it's already been stolen

Have you read - The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson? Three hundred years after the events of the Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial is now on the verge of modernity, with railroads to supplement the canals, electric lighting in the streets and the homes of the wealthy, and the first steel-framed skyscrapers racing for the clouds

Have you read - The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt? Oliver Brooks has led a sheltered existence in the backwater home of his merchant uncle. But when he is framed for his only relative's murder he is forced to flee for his life, accompanied by an agent of the mysterious Court of the Air. Chased across the country, Oliver finds himself in the company of thieves, outlaws and spies, and gradually learns more about the secret that has blighted his life

Have you read - Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear? Set in the late 19th century—when the city we now call Seattle Underground was the whole town (and still on the surface), when airships plied the trade routes, would-be gold miners were heading to the gold fields of Alaska, and steam-powered mechanicals stalked the waterfront

Art - Steampunk Clock VII by Diarment

Art - Steampunk Clock VII by 47ness

Art - Steampunk Necklace Owl by xxPreciousMomentsxx

Art - SteamAmp 2 Concept by AEvilMike

Art - The Professor's Patented Steam Cannon by ImpsAndThings

September 10, 2018 – September 16, 2018
Steampunk costumes on display in Stockton festival

Steampunk Day at Central BC Railway & Forestry Museum in Prince George

Pictures from George Town Steampunk Tasmania Festival

Steampunk Mini Cooper Countryman by Carlex Design

Kickstarter-Junkyard Derby - Steampunk Racing Board Game, a card-driven steampunk racing board game where you build a racer out of junk then battle hazards-and each other. Ends Sept 30th

Gift Idea - In Residence (Tephra Adventure) From Cracked Monocle, free the captives from an old asylum, where a mad proprietress is advancing medical science through inhumane and dark experimentation

Gift Idea – Hard Mint Balls by Bobs Provided by Old Time Candy

Gift Idea - The Bamboo Leaf Wooden Tea Storage Chest Box with 8 Compartments and Glass Window (Cherrywood)

Gift Idea - Resin Table Clocks Time Flies Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Clock Tower Statue 12 Inch 4.25 X 12 X 4.25 Inches Bronze

Gift Idea – The Prestige, Two young, passionate magicians are friends and partners until their biggest trick goes terribly wrong. Now the bitterest of enemies, they will stop at nothing to learn each other's secrets

What #steampunk persona would you create for Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins @PattyJenks?

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Haves and the Have Nots actor Nicholas J. Muscarella @Nickjames138?

What #steampunk persona would you create for Star Trek Discovery actor Emily Coutts @couttsemily?

What #steampunk persona would you create for The Gifted actor Sean Teale @seanjteale?

What #steampunk persona would you create for Krypton actor Georgina Campbell @G_ACampbell?

Historic Cook Book – Cookery 1 Experiuments and recipes, 1912

Historic Cook Book – The Compendium of Cookery and Reliable Recipes, 1890

Historic Cook Book – Practical American Cookery and Domestic Economy, 1856

Historic Cook Book - A new system of domestic cookery : formed upon principles of economy: and adapted to the use of private families throughout the United States, 1814

Historic Cook Book - How to cook, carve and eat; or, Wholesome food, and how to prepare it for the table ... To which is added a chapter on the art of carving, 1870

September 3, 2018 – September 9, 2018
Greenleaf Doll House - Steampunk Tea for Two

Watch – Storypunks Podcast #24: (Part 1) Steampunk With Author and Podcaster Gail Carriger

Kickstarter - Keko Chronicles: Origins, A turn based card game for 2-6 players. Family friendly. Fantasy/Steampunk world. Rich lore background. Simple game mechanics, Ends Sept 23rd

Steampunk exhibition at the Washington County Museum, Oregon

Peter Pan Rebooted in steampunk world, at OB Playhouse, San Diego

Gift Idea - Aether (Tephra Expansion) From Cracked Monocle , This PDF expansion includes 7 specialties and 23 augments to give you needed the tools to manipulate aether, one of the most powerful forces in Tephra

Gift Idea – Soft Mint Balls - Sweet Stripes by Bobs Provided by Old Time Candy

Gift Idea - Cast Iron Tea Set with Trivet, 21 oz, Red

Gift Idea - Alchemy Empire Steampunk Time Chronambulator Clock

Gift Idea – Captain Nemo and the Underwater City, DVD, Captain Nemo rescues six shipwreck survivors and brings them to his underwater fortress, where they may be trapped for the rest of their lives

Photo - Steampunk by Ksenia

Photo - Steampunk by Jason Pope

Photo - Steampunk by Antonio Pascual

Photo – Steampunk World by Tolanda Garcia Foto

Photo – Models in Steampunk Costume Anno 1900 by Mikel Trako @MikelTrako1

3D Printing - Flight of the Wind Dragon by DutchMogul

3D Printing - Evelyne - The steampunk gun by Dranosh

3D Printing - Flintlock Grappling Hook by PLAparts

3D Printing - Iris Diaphragm for Steampunk Goggles Redux by rkagerer

3D Printing - STEAMPUNK HALLOWEEN MASK by Felipe Aguirre

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